Will You Be Landria’s Next Television Star?

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Mar 17

It’s official! I am going on tour across the U.S. with U.K. Talk Show Host, Kevin Moore of “The Moore Show” and combining our messages (Landria Onkka on YouTube from my YouTube Channel) with some interesting activities. We will be appearing at events, book stores, and other venues for speaking engagements and to film scenes for our upcoming television series, “Abilities.” Interested in becoming on-camera talent? Then sign up for my Blog/Vlog on this page for more information on where we will visit, and how you may be able to qualify to get interviewed for national television! We’ll also speak about how you can create an unlimited life, access your own manifesting abilities, and be unstoppable. I will be signing books and presenting my mentoring program for the many people who have requested assistance in creating their ideal life while Kevin will channel “The One” and hold channeling classes! Stay tuned for more exciting news as we plan this awesome U.S. tour! Be sure to sign up to my email list!


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Landria Onkka, is the Award winning and best selling author of "The Rooftop Christmas Tree," a 2016 television movie, the award winning sequel "A Bell for Christmas" and "Wooden Mistletoe." A former investment banker, she now lives her ideal life as a successful Internet Entrepreneur, professional writer and spiritual mentor assisting others in moving past fear to go after and live their dreams.

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