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We all know of people who defy all odds, come from nothing to wild riches, achieve fame and great success sometimes in areas they were told they had no talents or qualifications.  So, what stops the rest of the human race from achieving those levels of success?  Our underlying beliefs and the actions we take.  It’s that simple.  There is no such thing as dumb luck.  Unfortunately, many of our negative beliefs come from programming deeply rooted in what we were told by our parents, teachers, and society – all of whom lived limited lives.

The good news is that all of those negative messages just aren’t true.  But, the tough part is that we still, somewhere in the back of our mind, believe them. And the self-doubt creeps in. You know, the little voice in the head that undermines all of our positive thinking, desires, vision boards, and plans for success and abundance.  What do you Believe? What ‘feels’ right, even if others don’t approve?

No one wants to believe it, but achieving great success whether financial or otherwise, takes fortitude, unwavering belief, and determination that comes easier to some than others. But, you can have it.  Anyone can have it.

How did Jay Kubassek go from growing up in an under privileged family on a farm in Canada to working in a muffler shop, then a multi-millionaire in an industry he knew nothing about? How did Stuart Ross go from a job he disliked to overcoming the criticism from family and friends about his aspirations, to become a huge financial success?  Both at very young ages.  They were determined and didn’t doubt that they would achieve their goals.  Stu said that he ‘always knew’ that he would be a millionaire.  It didn’t come without trial and error, but he accepted that, knowing that he would eventually get there –  just as you can.

I think about the times that things didn’t come through for me, like some big investment banking deals, and I realized that somewhere in the back of my head I thought, “Something or someone is going to screw this up.”  Of course, it always did.  The industry is unstable.  I believed that and carried those thoughts with me.  It constantly had a big impact on my results.

Then I published my first book, that I wrote specifically for television.  I never doubted for a moment that it would be a television movie and I was so excited to write it. The results? An award winning, best selling book, and a television movie deal.  I NEVER wavered in my belief. But the difference was that I ‘knew’ it would happen instead of making an effort to envision and manifest.  It was a core feeling and belief before I even started. I simply had to work toward the event that somewhere in time had already happened.

What is the difference between a limited person and a millionaire mind? Millionaire minds are passionate about what they want to achieve, so much that nothing will stop them – nothing anyone says, no intervention, no logic.  They know what they want, they know it will happen, and despite all of the disheartening experiences along the way, they remain steadfast.  Yes, they have moments of doubt, fear, anxiety, but they aren’t afraid to do what it takes to achieve their goal.  They BELIEVE!

CRITICAL STEP NUMBER ONE: If you don’t believe it, no affirmation, vision board, or magic will make it happen.  SO CHOOSE SOMETHING YOU BELIEVE IN FIRST and not the other way around! Most people pick a goal that sounds great, then they work on creating the belief in it.  No matter how hard you try, or how great of an idea, you can’t create belief in something – you must HAVE it.  Start with something that you are absolutely convinced will work for you.  If you want money, don’t pick something that could be lucrative just because others have been successful or it sounds good.  Choose it because you truly know that you can and will make it work.  It’s determination and passion for what you want to achieve that is going to make it happen and when you believe in what you are going after, no one is going to be able to talk you out of it.  I was in a highly lucrative career, but my heart was never truly in it, thus it was a struggle. It took a long time to break away from that life long career, but I did it and it was one of the very best decisions ever.  I will never again get stuck in something that I don’t strongly believe in FIRST.  Don’t ‘work on’ believing in something, choose the ‘something’ that you believe in!

STEP TWO: Millionaires are capable of making RADICAL CHANGES.  Stuart Ross even left a lucrative job at a very young age to go do something totally different, despite the failures and criticisms.  And he DID fail more than once, but he worked through it because he still believed he was going to eventually succeed.  Early in his digital career, he flew from London to Atlanta to take a course on Internet Marketing on a gut feeling.  But, that goes back to Step One – you need to make the change for something you truly are passionate about and that passion will make it easy to take a big step.  In fact, you will be amazed at how GOOD it will feel.  When I let my financial licenses expire, it was like a huge weight lifted.  I slept like a baby, and I knew that it was the right decision.  Find the thing you believe in, pick the path you are passionate about, and don’t be afraid to make big changes. Maybe you won’t have to make a radical change to achieve your goals like I did, but be prepared because it is a quality of a millionaire mindset that is sometimes necessary.

STEP THREE:  There are no failures. Don’t be afraid to hit rough patches (I don’t like the word ‘failure’).  EVERY millionaire has and continues to have flops.  They understand the value in learning and use it.  Check your emotions at the door and ask yourself what you learned.  The most important lessons are usually that you understand more what you “DON’T” want or are not good at.  It is always a stepping stone to your goals.  How foolish some people are to feel that they tried, failed, and that’s that.  Millionaire minds don’t think that way.  They say “O.K., now what? How do I use this?”  There will always be a relationship, education, or lesson that you gained from a ‘supposed’ failure.  I quit investment banking after a record year. I wasn’t even sure what I’d do next and I wasn’t afraid to fail.  Then I wrote my best seller book and a few months later joined SFM – both moves that I felt sure about.  Even if it hadn’t worked out, I wasn’t afraid to start taking big leaps because I knew it would lead to something great.  And it has. I am now launching businesses that I am EXCITED about and am finding success beyond what my 20 years in finance gave me. 

Stu and Jay BELIEVED they would be millionaires, they chose something that they loved doing, they weren’t afraid to make a radical change to get there, and they used failures along the way to strengthen them on their way to success.  START with something that fuels you, that doesn’t require affirmations or trying to convince yourself it will be great, and the other steps will come easily along with seeing your dreams come true even beyond what you could have imagined.

Wishing you absolute, awesome, great success!  Landria



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