My journey continues as I follow my passion and live my ideal life! AND YOU CAN TOO! When you do what you love, life becomes easier and challenges aren’t problems, they are simply learning and growth experiences. I just released my new book, “A Bell for Christmas” which is the sequel to the best selling, award winning book and television movie, “The Rooftop Christmas Tree.” Once again, I am using all that I have learned and continue to learn, about Internet Marketing. This time, I am launching a donation program wherein I will donate to Animal Rescues for EVERY book sold! I want to contribute, to give back, and to spread joy. I hope you will join me and support the cause by ordering a book, Kindle or Nook version. But most of all, I hope that YOU are following YOUR PASSION!

If you aren’t doing what you love EVERY day, its time to ask yourself why not! It’s not always easy to take the first step. It wasn’t for me, but I knew it was necessary or I’d find myself breathing my last breath and wondering what was so frightening that would stop me from going after my dreams. I don’t have to do that because I took that big leap and it paid off. When you are going after your passion and your dreams, that ‘leap’ isn’t so frightening. No matter what happens along the way, you know that you are following your bliss and only good things can come from that!

The Universe ALWAYS has your best interests in mind. Rest assured that there is only love and anything else is self created in our minds. It’s fear that stops us from going after our dreams and we ALL have the power to change that at any moment. Go after YOUR dream. Don’t wait. TODAY IS THE DAY because that is all there is. Tomorrow NEVER comes! Take that first step, move past the fear, and go get your best seller or whatever it is that you desire in life! Wishing you great abundance, Landria

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