Do you feel that we are in the middle of a crisis or a challenge? What is the difference? It is how we individually see a situation. Successful people see any crisis as a challenge. A challenge is a riddle to be solved, a ‘dare’ to be better, or a solution to find. A challenge is what makes us better, keeps us sharp and exhilarates us. It pushes us to ‘feel’ again and to step up our ‘game’ in order to win and sometimes survive. How are you looking at our current global ‘challenge?’ There are endless opportunities to excel and to become heroes along with community leaders.

What about fear? Fear will always appear during a crisis, but it can be our friend. Without fear, we often do not find the motivation to change. Fear is what gets us off of the couch and taking action. It’s what gets our adrenaline going and breaks patterns. So often, however, humans allow fear to rule them and react to it as though it is true. Fear is a feeling based on a thought based on a belief and nothing more. It is always a choice, even though it doesn’t seem that way. It is a choice because when it appears, we can observe it or believe it. We can use it for positive change or shrink back in self pity and disempowerment.

So, let me ask you, ‘Are you in crisis or is this a challenge?’ Do you see our global challenge as an opportunity for change? It is. Challenges are nothing new to this planet and none of us should be surprised by them. They come in various forms and situations, but it is always clear that they always present opportunity for positive change. They allow us to come together in a way that we lose when we are in our ‘every day’ lives of existing. Waking up means that you get to decide what this ‘challenge’ means to you and how you can use it to create something amazing. My wish is that it will serve a positive purpose for positive change. We get to decide. Will you join me in that new earth? If you would like to see your life and challenges in a positive way to positive change, visit me at for courses, webinars, classes and free stuff.

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