How many years have you envisioned your perfect life, income, relationships? What is stopping you from receiving it?  We all come here with baggage, even if we think we’re ‘all that’ and have our act together.  We have a blue print, family values (or lack of), people throughout our lives who told us how things are, and we carry those ideas with us.  We think that we are being open minded, but the truth is, we are always judging (unless you are the 1% of enlightened beings on this Earth) and deciding what we should or shouldn’t have to be happy. We think we know what we should receive to be happy, but the truth is that if we had those answers, we’d have everything we desired already.

What if the things that could transform our lives is nothing at all what we expected.  So, when something shows up, that we don’t think is ‘it,’ we reject it. It makes us uncomfortable, or we’ve been told that it is strange, or unacceptable, and we ignore it.  Quantum physics was ‘spooky science’ according to Einstein and he knew it existed, but no one knew how it worked back then.  Now we know that it’s real and now accepted as fact and no longer theory.  So, who is to say what is real, what is strange, what is or isn’t acceptable.  You decide.  But, make sure that when you do that, you aren’t allowing your programming from some other source to speak for you.  What do YOU feel is right?  The more we listen to our intuition, and go with our ‘gut feeling,’ the more we will progress, learn, and end up exactly where we dreamed.  And that may mean taking unfamiliar paths that you or others may not accept.  Who cares? Live your life! Go, do, learn, live! If something comes to you, be open to receive it.  You never know where it will take you.

I’m not saying that you should be foolish.  But, there is nothing like taking risks when you know it feels right. Look at anyone who has ever excelled.  They tried, they failed, they tried again.  And again, and again, until they got it right. It takes a real winner to do that.  You are a winner! Keep an open mind to receive, even if it shows up in a format that you didn’t expect, and don’t be afraid to see where it takes you! I wish you great success, my friend.

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