I mean it literally when I stated “Billions or Broke.” As a former investment banker, I have been around and worked with many billionaires and I know how they think, how they approach life and business. There is a distinct difference between the people that achieve massive success and those who spend a lifetime struggling financially. I recently read an “Insider” article interview with Tony Robbins (Click to read the full article) that succinctly laid out what drives someone from rags to riches. There are distinct factors that include one or all of those listed below:

  1. An unwavering passion for the service or product that they are developing and promoting.
  2. Their passion for what they do is greater than their drive for money.
  3. A history of great dissatisfaction drives the achiever who vows to never live that way again, to do better. This is usually a childhood experience related to poverty, suffering or neglect of which he or she is determined to overcome and excel beyond.

I have personally known such people. One of the first I met when I was very young. She was an owner of a franchise of successful hair salons and cosmetology schools. She told a story of how she grew up in the deep south in a poor and unstable household. Every summer her mother sent her to her Aunt and Uncle’s home. They owned cotton fields and a fun summer experience was not what they had planned for her. She spent her entire time picking cotton in the fields, working long hours in terrible conditions. This 10 year old girl, literally, spent her entire time working alongside the hired farm hands. This went on for years. She recalled how her hands would bleed and how she worked in blistering temperatures with few breaks. One day she vowed that she would never have to pick cotton again or endure such conditions. Like Scarlett O’Hara, she declared this out loud in the middle of a cotton field, shouting it to the universe. She brought that declaration into reality. She worked hard to create her small empire and shared that story with her students. I was one of them and I never forgot how someone so seemingly deprived of resources created so much. It was a decision she made and a probability that I realized had nothing to do with what we come from. Later on I realized that it is that very struggle that IS the driving force for so many successful people.

Unfortunately, the majority of humans use their suffering as an excuse for failure instead of using it as a catapult to success. They are convinced that there is a secret someone holds that creates wealth and that the disadvantaged are not privy to it. The opposite holds true. It is suffering that creates the incentives and anyone can use it as a gateway to just about anything they can imagine. The problem is that they ‘don’t’ imagine. They see their current circumstances as their future. The truly successful envision a totally different future that does not resemble their past. They know what they don’t want and use it to create what they do want.

Years ago I read about the top U.S. brain surgeon at the time who came from the Bronx, NY, raised by a single mother, a black male, who lived in poverty and yet somehow managed to overcome it all. How is this possible? All things are possible if you believe them. I know this and if you know me from YouTube or my spiritual teachings at https://landriaonkka.com you know that I have defied the odds over and over again which I teach others. One of them was when I got a movie deal off of my very first, self published book “The Rooftop Christmas Tree.” Even my agent said it was unheard of to get a movie deal with my first book and to not get my hopes up. But when the third producer she approached wanted it and went straight into production, I wasn’t surprised. Like those who see past boundaries, I knew that it certainly was possible. From this thinking, things seem to happen.

I have manifested many other amazing results throughout my life which lead me to building businesses to show others how to move past their limitations to accomplish great goals. The big question is “What happens with those who do not have the unwavering incentive?” There is something to be said for struggle. In fact, my friends who have struggled have the most amazing life experiences and stories to tell. It is how we use them and how we perceive our experiences that determines everything that happens after those events. So you might say that, in a way, struggles are gifts. You can open them or you can disregard them. Every one of us has that choice.

I was not the most physically talented by far when it came to gymnastics or even cheerleading. In fact, I could never even do a back flip. But when I was invited to try out for the Detroit Piston cheerleading squad, I did not hesitate. They already had their team, but needed two girls as replacements. My chances were one in about 2,000 but I didn’t think about that. All I knew is that as long as I tried out, I HAD a chance. Well, you guessed it, I was one of the two they chose. How does that happen? I was one of two that thought they could do it. That with some of the right ingredients makes things happen.

When I was at the University of Michigan, I was told by a friend about an internship program on Capitol Hill. I had excellent writing skills and was a perfect fit. The problem was that the program had already chosen their interns and no more applications were being accepted. I decided to ignore that and applied anyway. Shortly thereafter, I received a call from Congressman Broomfield’s office asking me if I was available. The intern that they chose was at Harvard studying law. His first choice was to work for the Republican National Committee which suddenly had an opening. He quickly took their offer, creating an opening at the congressional office. “Can you be here in two weeks?” I was asked. “YES!” And so another impossible goal was achieved.

What are you thinking about your future, your qualifications, and those unachievable goals? When do you stop sabotaging your dreams and using your challenges to catapult you to greatness? It is a personal choice for each of us. Super achievers make decisions and they never stop until they achieve their goals. That is absolutely the formula for success. This has been proven over and over again yet the majority somehow discount it. Are we inherently lazy? Or are we so influenced by the negativity and limitations of the world that we acquiesce? There are no limits. Is it time for you to use your mind power and bring your desired probabilities into the material world? No one else can do that for you. You can use your life experiences to do amazing things or to blame the world and sulk. Your future is in your hands but remember that there are many that have shown that the impossible is indeed possible. I am one of them. I teach this, but only you can make it happen.

There is an amazing world waiting for you. The billions formula is simply a drive and a decision. Decide what it takes for you to find that drive. It isn’t billions that determines your success but your personal goals that you achieve. Maybe it’s a simple life as a writer, a gardener or a teacher. What is that life that you imagine? Your ideal life is achievable. When you believe it and you decide to go after it no matter what the odds, you can achieve it. Simply make the decision.

Written by Landria Onkka an Internet Influencer and Online Entrepreneur. Check out free videos on how to create an online business at https://landriaonkka.net/get-started. Want to learn the secrets to manifesting? Receive free “Manifest Anything” videos at https://landriaonkka.com/free-inspiration


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