The Latest Hiring Scam You Need to Know

Call it a scheme or scam, or just another deceptive sales tactic but here is the latest rampant time and money waster to avoid. It’s the ‘hiring’ scam. I refer to it as a scam because deception in any disguise is a scam in my opinion and this latest one is a doozy. It starts […]

How to Start an Online Business With No Money

Introduction: As an online influencer for ten years, I have seen a LOT of changes and the thing I love most is that the internet can turn an underdog into a hero. When I was an investment banker, you had to have big bucks to play in my ballpark. The playing field is leveling out. […]

The Massive Move to Happiness

Somehow a big portion of the human race is placing happiness before everything else. Go figure. Big challenges usually have that effect. Why happiness has not been the main focus of humans is a mystery to us all. It is not until our lives and everything we thought was important is at risk that we […]

Why I Quit a Lucrative Career to Surpass my Goals

It isn’t easy to change careers, especially a lucrative career. I am not talking about staying within the same industry but completely changing careers and entering unknown turf. It is a big deal to make that decision. After all, why would someone leave a high paying job in the first place? I know why. It […]

Billions or Broke Determined by One Decision

I mean it literally when I stated “Billions or Broke.” As a former investment banker, I have been around and worked with many billionaires and I know how they think, how they approach life and business. There is a distinct difference between the people that achieve massive success and those who spend a lifetime struggling […]

How to Make Millions and Save the Planet

Internet businesses are exploding along with advertisers promising that anyone can make fortunes online. It is impossible to watch a video on YouTube without being interrupted by promising ads and although it is true that opportunities online are huge, it is almost impossible to know where to start. Without knowledge or expertise we cannot begin […]

The BEST Marketing Secret Everyone Loves

Thanks to slick editing tools along with the endless ways to reach any consumer, marketing has become more of an Oscar competition than a clear, honest message that places the customer first. I recently saw a YouTube award given to a popular dating site that shocked me. The ad shows how the company put Satan […]

The House of the Future is Today

As an avid traveler, I have to admit that I having been spending time looking at my upcoming options for when we are post-covid-19. It looks really exciting. You probably already know that tiny homes, van life, mountain living and ‘living cheap overseas’ have become VERY appealing and available. More of us want to simplify […]

The Ultimate Weapon is Fear: Are You Falling For It?

Fear is the Oldest Trick in the Book I don’t usually write about the insanity that is taking place on our planet. My whole platform emphasizes a focus on positive change in every area of our lives. What we focus on, we create. It seems that even the ‘spiritual’ and ‘new age’ set are getting […]

Top Places to Find an Online Contract Job

ONLINE OPPORTUNITIES THAT MAY SURPRISE YOU If you thought that jobs were scarce, I challenge you to do some research. If you have a computer, it will take you all of sixty seconds to access the “top online contract jobs” resources that I found. One search on Google will amaze you. The internet is packed […]