How to find a Top Affiliate Marketing Mentor

The best way to find a top affiliate marketing mentor is to listen to the students, and I mean the ones who have done the work and been successful, not the quitters. I am here to tell you that as of this writing, I found my affiliate marketing mentor seven years ago and I have […]

Do You Allow Fear to Control Your Success?

Most people operate in fear mode. Fear of trying something that may not go the way they had hoped. There is fear of actually achieving success and having it totally their lives. What about that fear that wakes you up at night contemplating the worst possible future? Unfortunately, this is how most people operate and […]

When it is Time for Online Training

Have you tried to launch an online business on your own? After all it seems like there is plenty of free information about things like website building, marketing and SEO, but is it enough? My question to you is ‘how is your online business performing’ if at all?  Or have you simply not been able […]

A New Start in Life Awaits You

A new start in life awaits you, but you can’t do it alone. We are entering an unprecedented era of challenges, but with challenges come great opportunities. When you focus on solutions, you open the doorway to new probabilities. It may just bring that life you desired which you never dreamed you could live. Thousands […]

Why Start an Online Business

Chances are that you are spending a lot of time on the internet, especially since our self-isolation. The world is online like never before and advertisers are talking to you at every turn from YouTube to Facebook which means that you have no doubt seen promotions for online business training from people like Tony Robbins […]

Take the Entrepreneur Test

ARE YOU AN ENTREPRENEUR? TAKE THIS TEST AND SEE! YOU KNOW YOU’RE AN ENTREPRENEUR WHEN . . . you have always had a short attention span . . . you have difficulties finishing a project before you are off to the next one . . . you think of dozens of inventions and solutions to […]

Key to Expansion in All Areas of Your Life

When we learn, we expand in every area of our lives. But so many people stop learning. They choose careers, relationships, and life paths that rarely expand. Our desires and needs change throughout our lives yet few adjust to accommodate them. This causes great dissatisfaction when we find ourselves in careers that bore us and […]

Intuition and Career Decisions

What in the heck does intuition have to do with career decisions? Intuition is something that everyone has the ability to use but usually doesn’t. Intuition, as we know, is when you KNOW something and your gut gives you ‘those messages’ that you know are right even if you ignore them. And we DO ignore […]

The Only Thing to Fear . . . Isn’t Positive Change

If you want to lower your immune system, stay in fear. If you want to stay in anxiety over a job or money, take no action and you are assured that your dreams won’t come true. Why do we do this to ourselves? As Winston Churchill so clearly stated, “The only thing we need to […]

Spirituality in Business Counts

Spirituality in Business Counts What do I mean by spirituality in business? Until recently, these two subjects had no connection to one another. We go to work and then we come home and meditate. What we DO for a living was not really a factor in our spiritual growth. Yes, sure, we know if we […]