EVERYONE suffers from ‘blocks’ to success. We wonder when we will reach that place where money is flowing and we are loving every day.  You CAN have it all – wealth, fun, freedom! So, what IS stopping you? After 20 years in investment banking, working with startup businesses to billionaires, I have a pretty clear picture of what actions and mindsets lead to failure or success, including my own.  So, let’s go through a few reasons, one by one, that may be blocking you from being massively successful.  Grab a pen and paper and write down all of the reasons why you think you aren’t earning the money you want.  Don’t hold back, because we are going to go over them and, with some work and practice, give you a boost to living your ideal life. For more inspiration  Check out more blogs! or https://landriaonkka.net for more information on creating your business.

One of the reasons you may have listed is that you “Don’t have enough money and it takes money to make money.”  We have been taught this and maybe once upon a time it was true, but it couldn’t be further from the truth now.  Sure, it helps if you want to make a big purchase like a manufacturing plant, or large real estate investment, but most of us aren’t aspiring to do that and along with it comes huge responsibility and risk. Businesses that are excelling are a part of the digital age with low costs and large profit margins. All of us who own businesses not digitally operated, are trying to get away from needless financial obligations and big overhead. There is a much easier path to wealth and you have access to it — the Internet. How incredible that we are on the cusp of the massive digital expansion and anyone can create a business with little or no money, online, and reach massive markets at an accelerated speed.  Did you know that 70% of consumers buy online on a regular basis? YOU can reach that market with little or no investment! Your SFM Bootcamp videos address how that can be accomplished, by those who have done it (SFM Business Ideas). So, let’s eliminate the thought right now that it takes money to achieve wealth. That is a belief that will restrict you. You don’t need money, you need to be creative and focused, and the money will come!

I have consistently failed at things that I’ve tried.”  Even if you failed at EVERYTHING you’ve tried, get in line. We’ve all failed! Congratulations! You now have information that risk-averse people will never possess. Use it like the wealthy do to become better, stronger, and successful. Now let’s take a good hard look at what went wrong in your past efforts.  Was it lack of focus, knowledge or experience?  Give this a great deal of thought, because we all have patterns. Don’t blame anyone else. Sit down and think through every time you didn’t succeed in your goals, write down those reasons and look for a pattern.  Most issues are lack of focus or effort, not being flexible with your plan, or quitting too soon. Many people are unrealistic about what it takes, such as time dedication. Sometimes things just aren’t winning ideas or projects which is O.K.  Did you plan well or did you think your great idea was going to be enough? Do you try to do things on your own even if you aren’t good at everything that is required to run a business?  Can you say that you truly hung in there before you quit? Do you become defensive when people give you feedback or advice, or do you value it? Take a hard look at what you wrote because it’s valuable information and NOT an indication that you are a failure. They are an indication that you are an entrepreneur! Make sure that you are honest with yourself when you do this exercise and most of all plan to CORRECT your patterns that are not serving you well. Get qualified support, partner with others, plan, educate yourself (read and research), put in the time, and don’t quit!

Other people have stunted my success!” Did you partner or choose to work with unqualified people or those lacking integrity?  Don’t even get me started on this one because this was one of my patterns. At first I blamed others, then when I was more experienced I knew that I had to take responsibility for choosing them.  I worked with people who did not have my best interests in mind because they were incredibly qualified so I ignored my ‘gut feeling.”  Sure enough, there was a problem EVERY time.  Yes, EVERY time. They either stole money, didn’t pay fees, or bulldozed over everyone. Believe me, there are a LOT of people willing to compromise their integrity for money even if it means mowing you over. Speaking of success and lack of integrity, here is something you may not know about Robert Kiyosaki (Business Insider).  Successful people may be smart but they aren’t always honest. Always take the high road, choose good and honest people, and take responsibility.  I know it is tempting to work with those who may impress you, and make promises, but you need to be selective.  It  hasn’t been easy for me because I want to trust people, but I now easily walk away from bad energy, no matter how impressive their resume.  That includes negative friends and acquaintances. Be particular. Most importantly, take responsibility for who you choose to associate with because it can make or break your success. Don’t invite trouble. If you walk into the lion’s den, you surely can’t be surprised when he bites you! Blame no one. You have the power and the choice. Make good ones!

Here’s a big one, “I don’t have the brains, talent, products, ideas, experience or education.” We know that is another myth and restrictive thinking. EVERYONE has something to offer. One of our Six Figure Mentor members spoke in Vegas this month.  He had lost his job and went into foreclosure before he joined SFM to sell other people’s products (affiliate marketing). He is a determined and analytical guy. He studied the details and habits of his target audience, tracks them, experiments with his ads, and is earning six figures and climbing.  I know there is something you are good at. If you are funny, blog and start a YouTube channel — both are free. You can shoot videos from your iPhone and post them.  One of the biggest bloggers in the world has major physical challenges and no real expertise in anything (except reaching audiences with blogs) . . . and he makes millions (SFM has many webinars and lessons on how to make money blogging). People love to laugh, get inspired, gain information. Give it to them! Do you have a product idea? Run a marketing survey on Survey Monkey to get feedback to see if there is a market for it. Are you into fashion? I know a gal who has a Pinterest and Twitter business. She posts what cosmetic products women love, along with pictures of them and their comments (sort of like an Angie’s List for cosmetics). Her business is getting purchased for millions of dollars by a cosmetics company because that information is valuable! You can sell products and services you love, online, with no inventory or employees. There is so much you can share with the world, and the world loves authentic people with honest opinions who offer something that can make their lives better.  Write down ALL of your ideas and DO something with them!

Here was one of mine, “I have NO technical expertise or interest.” Thank goodness it isn’t necessary to have digital success. As you watch Stuart Ross in the videos, he will share with you that he was a real estate agent and still has no in depth technical expertise. The world is full of people you can hire for $5 (www.fiverr.com) (no, I am not getting paid for that advice). No kidding, there are people who offer tech services for a few dollars and we use them constantly. The education I get from SFM/DEA is endless, so there is nothing I can’t access 24/7 to get my questions answered.  I learn whatever I need to accomplish my online goals. I learn about target marketing, setting up every social channel, running ads, blogging, you name it. There is nothing you can’t learn and educating yourself is important. It’s what will bring you to success and avoid mistakes others have made. Learn from them!

“I am not passionate about anything.” That can be a tough one, however, it is critical and I guarantee that there is something you love doing. You just may not be thinking of it as a way to earn money. I had to think good and hard about why I didn’t love my investment banking career and what I really love to do. The answer was ultimately writing, but I didn’t think of it as a career. I had to move past my limiting beliefs and started writing while I pursued other revenue streams. Not surprising that it didn’t take long before I published a book, won awards, and got optioned as a movie. I have more books and movies coming out. I look forward to writing and that is key. What do you LOVE? Fashion? Cars? Music? Cooking? Babies? Gardening? THESE are potential revenue generators by taking your love for something or expertise and sharing it online! Others want to learn, get tips and product recommendations. Don’t pick anything that you aren’t excited about. Today I listened to an SFM member who is a musician. He speaks to other musicians who struggle with the issues of being in the entertainment industry. He sells music software and other music related products that he recommends. You ARE passionate about something and you can use that to create a business. Get creative and get going!

No excuses. Take a good hard look at what you think has blocked you from achieving your dreams. Be honest with yourself. Look for patterns and change them. These are areas that need improvement and they are surmountable. Find the passion, change your thought process, hang with positive people, seek knowledge and learn from those who have succeeded. And never, never give up.

I am offering a free one hour coaching session to anyone who is struggling with their career or life path. It doesn’t matter if you are retired, a student, a business owner, or stay at home Mom, I am happy to get on a call to discuss how you can reach your goals. You can write me at landria@landriaonkka.net to schedule a call and, of course, I am here if you have any questions about utilizing the digital markets to create income and freedom. Wishing you massive success, Landria

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