I was flying back from an Awards Event in Hollywood, California where I received the Grand Prize for Best Published Book.  It was an inspiring event, as I was surrounded by other Authors, all of whom were very talented and successful.  While waiting to board a packed flight from L.A. back to Atlanta, two young women (late 20’s) who were traveling together were having a conversation next to me.  They appeared to be quite intelligent and mature, chatting about the various books that they were reading.  Perhaps it was part of their job requirements, but they seemed quite knowledgeable and responsible.

One of them wanted a coffee, and reminded the other woman that she had already bought her one and couldn’t afford to foot the bill a second time.  Granted, Starbucks isn’t cheap, but seriously people . . . a cup of coffee?  She commented about a bike that she really wanted.  It was one of those brightly colored, Retro types that are very cool and very ‘In.’  “Are you going to get it?” the second woman asked?  “I can’t.  I can’t afford it.  Pretty sad we can’t afford coffee or bikes, considering that we work full time!”  Yes, it was sad indeed.  Obviously hard working gals pursuing their dreams.  But, that dream didn’t include much of an income it appeared.

I wondered just how many young people were struggling to pay off school loans, get decent paying jobs, and find a career that could eventually pay enough so that they could buy the things in life that they desired.  The statistics tell us that that same group of young people are deeply in debt, more than any other time in our history, primarily because they are having to take it on to get the basic things that they need, much less luxuries.

Two successful young men (late 20’s) who are members with me at Digital Experts Academy were in the same boat. Educated, working hard, and realized that nothing much was going to change for the next 40 years.  The difference? The two, who were brothers, quit their quite impressive jobs (Accountant, and a Manager for a local corporation) and joined DEA, putting 100% effort into learning digital marketing — a big move as they had to endure scrutiny from friends and family who were not so bold. A recent update I received was that they were making 6 figures . . .  a month!  While I don’t know if they can keep that up, my bet is that they will be 7 figure annual earners very soon. And the last time I spoke with them, they were in Bali vacationing.  That is the life that they live now.  Those are two very smart, young men.  But, it isn’t easy to take that leap.  Most people are petrified and others like myself, are more petrified to NOT make the change, especially if they are older.

Either way, you can’t ‘get that bike’ if you stay in the same old rut, hoping for a raise or promotion.  It takes a ‘shift’ in thinking and how you approach life to ‘get that bike.’  Are you going to Buy The Bike?  Or are you going to struggle purchasing that second cup of coffee for your friend?  I knew what I wanted and I went after it.  By the way, I bought my bike (two of them, actually) — and rode my first 27 mile race.  Obviously we are talking about more than bikes or coffee here, but you get my scenario.  I hope you will join me, buy the bike, and ride over to Starbucks!

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