When I made the decision to publish and get that movie deal, that meant REAL commitment! Meaning, sitting my butt down for HOURS at a time, EVERY day to make it happen. I SET A GOAL, A DEADLINE! Fortunately for me, my book was a holiday story so in order to get it out to the public before Christmas, I HAD to finish by October. And I did it.  The result? A best seller, two awards, a movie deal, and we are in production as I write this. Guess what that did for me! It opened up HUGE doors for more, and that is exactly what I am doing. I made a decision to COMMIT!

Do you have hours in each day that you are doing ‘busy work?’ I mean going through emails, texting, errands and so on? When I made the decision to write and publish a book, I knew that my original manuscript sat around for a year for a reason. Plunking away at it an hour at a time, once in a while, wasn’t going to get it done. I had to COMMIT! Ever dated anyone who keeps it going, but never commits? That’s NOT a real relationship! It can be fun, but don’t expect anything long term from it, right?

The truth is, that if you want to achieve your dreams in life, you have to commit to them and only YOU can make it happen. Don’t expect it to knock on your door, or come in some heavenly form like fairies who will spin gold for you while you eat chocolates and watch T.V. You have to MAKE A DECISION and then take the action to see it through. Be fearless, learn, apply knowledge, skills and talents toward your goals. It’s that simple and that hard, but you will know ONE thing – if you commit and persist, you WILL get there!  I did and now instead of investment banking, working crazy long, stressful hours, I get out of bed when I please and I write stories all day. I love my life! You can love your life!

COMMIT! Decide what you want and cut out the busy work and the garbage that isn’t getting you to your goals. You can do it, I know you can, I did it, and anyone can! Now go and make it happen, Super Achiever!  Landria

Award Winning Author of Best Seller & Movie “The Rooftop Christmas Tree”

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