Do you know what the Big Lie is? Everyone should know. The Big Lie is what keeps you from being amazing, wealthy, healthy and happy. The Big Lie is that lie we tell ourselves that allows us to stay in mediocrity. Everyone has one. It’s when you tell yourself ‘that is a scam,’ or ‘I don’t have the education to own a business,’ or ‘I can’t workout because I have a bad back,’ or ‘I need to stay in this job (that I hate) because people rely on that income.’ It’s all a lie. There is nothing that you can’t achieve. When you tell yourself a lie, you allow yourself to stay in that place that is making you miserable because let’s face it, it makes it easier to NOT go after our dreams. Or does it?

Everyone knows in their heart and gut when we tell ourselves that lie. It doesn’t feel right. We know that there are always other options and other choices. But that takes effort and that is frightening to most people. Change is the unknown and it’s easier to be miserable with what we know. Is this the case for you? Is there a lie you are telling yourself that allows you to stay in that ‘safe’ but unhappy place? It’s okay because we’ve all told a lie. Is it time for you to be honest with yourself?

Our world is changing drastically. People are tired of the lies that we get from the media, governments, businesses, medical community and every institution that benefits from lies. We are getting wise, we are waking up, and we are saying NO to the lies. We are looking at ourselves with honesty and asking that big question ‘Is there something better that I am missing out on? Is there a life I’m missing out on that I need to seek?’ Are you ready for the truth and to accept the fact that you can’t fail when you go after those dreams. Your life is about expansion and exploration, adventure and whatever you choose to create. Are you ready for that?

My mission in life is to guide others past their fear (check out my 5-star course that’s doing just that) and to shift this entire planet to something amazing. In the 6 years I have been in online marketing, I have never seen more opportunities and more honesty in business. I have never seen a bigger push for change and this time it’s all good. Are you ready to end the lies and admit to yourself why you haven’t changed your life? When you are ready, come join the thousands who are doing it. You are capable of anything. THAT is the truth. I am here to guide you and to supply the tools. You are capable and it’s time, don’t you think? You can check out my free workshop on getting an education that could get you out of a life you don’t love. Go and explore all that you desire! It’s time!

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