Most people would not think of an investment banker as someone who ‘has it rough,’ and for the most part that was true. I had an amazing career doing amazing things and meeting amazing people. I had a huge expense account, wined and dined in New York at the best restaurants. I even had a client who would pick me up in his private jet to go to dinner in other states and once in another country. But celebrities, money, exciting parties, and great food doesn’t make for a happy life. I was feeling trapped just like anyone in ANY kind of career. It doesn’t matter if you are waiting tables or dining on Wall Street. Happiness is your own personal choice and I just wasn’t ‘feeling it’ any more. In fact, I was feeling really lost.

When you are around a lot of money, people get weird. They are always worried about losing it. I heard Oprah Winfrey say that once. It’s true. Money doesn’t take away the worry or stress. In fact, it can increase it. People in the money industry focus pretty much on that – money. They will do a lot of really nasty things to get it and to keep it. It just didn’t resonate with me and I knew it was time to get out. But where? That is the big question for all of us. Where do you go when you have done it all and everyone things you ‘have it all?’

I was fortunate. Being in investment banking, I knew that the Internet was already much bigger than people imagined. I didn’t grow up with it but I saw what was happening to the companies that didn’t take advantage of it and how the ones who used it flourished. Most exciting of all, I saw that it was available to the kind of people that I would never work with – people without millions backing them up, without business backgrounds and without impressive management and board members. People with NO advantages could get rich just by learning how to use the internet. I liked that idea. I liked that underdogs with initiative could ‘make it’ and create lives that they could never have imagined. I liked that money and power wasn’t a factor in someone’s success and that initiative, drive and hard work could make dreams come true! I LOVED IT! And I knew that applied to me too.

I saw an ad on YouTube one night. I never click on ads. I think they are stupid. Wait, I ‘thought’ they were stupid. Not anymore. I knew that if I was going to get out of that life that ruled me, I had to recreate myself. I was willing to do that and the Internet was a glaring opportunity that people like me, who know how businesses work, could do anything we want if we get the right training. So, I did it. It didn’t matter what age I was. It wasn’t like being the old person in college. I was amongst like-minded people wanting to change their lives too – all ages, all cultures, all education levels. And this was serious training and not that garbage out there that promises ridiculous dreams for nothing. I was willing to put in the work, learn, recreate myself and use technology for GOOD. I could pick WHO I worked with and WHAT I presented to the world. I could make a difference the way I chose! And . . . I’m doing it. In a big way. My life has completely changed in a way that has even surprised me. Last I looked, over 7 million people have watched me on YouTube. How awesome is that?

I don’t know why people are afraid to learn how to use technology. I guess the matrix doesn’t like that they are breaking free and finding their voice, so continues to tell them that they aren’t qualified. You are qualified. If you want to change your life and you take this seriously, you are qualified. If you want to leave the world of petty, greediness and start to contribute in amazing, positive ways. YOU CAN DO IT! I get up when I please, I write books, I have a movie, I help people, I travel, I laugh A LOT! And I make a lot of money. In fact, I make more now then when I was an investment banker, and I love what I do. If that is bad, then don’t bother checking out this amazing training. Because along the way, you just might find out who you are and how expansive you can be. I hope you join me in a new earth. It’s amazing. YOU are amazing and it’s time to claim it! You can do anything. Believe.

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