What does it take to go from where you are to your dream life? It seems daunting, but the truth is that whenever I’ve taken huge steps to achieve my dreams, it was the anticipation and fear of the unknown that was the challenge. The actual change was a huge relief and never created the issues I feared. Instead, it always lead me to joy and freedom! But, how do we get there? Not everyone can take big leaps like I do. Even baby steps equate to change and if that’s what you need to do, then take that path instead. Take that course, or learn that new thing, write that book, or song, or research that new business you aspire to own. Do your research and give yourself the reassurance and support (both emotionally and financially) that you need to take the next step to change. Surround yourself with positive and supportive people who will encourage you to take some risks that you are comfortable taking. Learn from people who are doing what you want to do in life. Learn from them and their mistakes so that you can minimize any challenges along the way. But most of all, take action!

Most people are so petrified at the enormity of making a career or other desired change that they become paralyzed. It doesn’t have to be that way. When I decided to become a professional writer, I knew that in order to have peace of mind, I’d need to create backup income. I needed multiple income streams to feel secure in order to take bigger risks in other areas of my life. And it paid off. I created the passive income that gave me the time and freedom I desired. Taking a 9 to 5 job wasn’t going to supplement my dream to get up whenever I pleased and write all day. I was already working insane hours. I had to find something that gave me freedom and unlimited income potential. You can do the same. There are so many things that you can do that others can benefit from. Perhaps you are artistic, or know fashion. Do you have a hobby that others can learn from? All of these things can be presented to your audience online without ever leaving your home.

There is always a way from here to your dream life. Always. You can get there if you put a strategy together that will get you there, by leaps or baby steps. You choose. Put in the time and effort to find out what you can do to support your dreams. Don’t live a stale, mediocre life. You have the Internet at your finger tips that provides resources, information, free learning about any subject. Use it! I know you can do it. I did and you can too. Today, think of that ‘first step’ that you can take to get closer to your dream life. And tomorrow, the next step, and next.

Wishing you great success in ALL that you do! Landria

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