FEAR! Where does it come from? Why do we have it? And most of all, why do we continue to allow it to control us, wake us up at night, and make us feel REALLY bad? It’s as though fear operates independently, as a separate entity from us. It’s powerful and blocks our ability to manifest all that we desire. SO WHY DO WE ALLOW IT? More important, how do we get rid of it? Let me share what works for me.

It’s really not YOU that is creating all of the fear. It’s the blueprint, the conditioning, the things you’ve been told or learned, the habits, and the constant thinking of the future. You know what I mean. The worries about everything that usually never happens? We all do it. But, what if you stopped ‘owning’ it. What if you recognized that it ISN’T you? YOU is totally at peace, has NO fear, embraces challenges in a positive way, and enjoys life every day! ┬áBut how do we get there? How do we clear the fear to reveal our perfect self?

Here is a technique that resonates for me whenever I find my ‘mind’ taking over with the negative thoughts. Hear me out on this, because it’s going to seem a bit ‘nutty.’ Create, in your mind, and write it down on paper, the IDEAL YOU. The person that you know you really are and can be when you remove the fear. That person exists. You just need to reveal him or her. To start, you need to know WHO that person is. Only you can determine that. Let me give you an example. I know that the ‘perfect Landria’ never worries. She never wakes up at 3:00 a.m. and knows that the Universe will always send her exactly what she needs. She never loses faith in that. She never has thoughts of lack, nor does she ever get discouraged when things don’t go as she expected because she knows that something better is in the works. She is fit, and healthy, makes good choices every day. Is happy and grateful every day. I think that you get the drift. WHO IS THAT PERFECT YOU?

Why create a ‘separate’ YOU? Because in order to get totally different results in your life, to achieve your dreams, you can’t achieve that with the same you that created the problems. You need to envision the perfect you. Now what do you do with it? Whenever you are in a situation that feels bad or when fear creeps up, you will ask yourself what the ‘perfect you’ would do or think? When you start focusing on that, you stop thinking about what is freaking you out, and you WILL start to become that person. It works. I’ve done it, and when you practice it constantly, daily, you will find that eventually the ‘fearful you’ stops showing up so much. Instead of ‘fighting’ the bad feelings, you are now focused on the ‘perfect you’ that never has bad feelings. Does this make sense? Here is a video I did that may help you to better understand this concept.

The reason that so many people can’t break the habit of experiencing fear is that they fight it. And whatever you focus on, good or bad, gains power. When you focus on the ideal YOU and what he or she would do, or how he or she would react at that moment, you are now focusing on a solution and a positive other way to react (or not react) to how you are feeling. It stops you from analyzing, building on the frustration, and looking outside yourself for help.

If you’re like me, you watch YouTube videos and read books on how to create and manifest your ideal life. The only problem I’ve found with this is that I am aspiring to become more like another person (like Eckhart Tolle or other awesome spiritual leader). When I connect to the “perfect me,” I am aspiring to be me in my best possible existence. That person IS me, and that person is YOU TOO!

Try it! You may be surprised. Write down how the perfect you thinks and acts, and every time you find yourself stressed, fearful, frustrated, ask yourself “What would the perfect (your name) do?” and you’ll find that the answer is ‘(your name) would never worrry, she knows that everything will work out great, she sees challenges as opportunities, she seeks solutions when she is concerned, and on and on.’ Now you are focused on clearing the fear and being the person who never experiences fear or doubt.

If you are up to trying this, you’ll need to do it every day. By practicing daily, you will rewire your current thinking and habits, to becoming the new person you are focused on. Wake up and remind yourself that the perfect YOU would wake up happy and passionate about the day. The Perfect You is going to take action to go after the things he/she wants. Then focus on being THAT person and feeling like THAT person. Eventually, you’ll find that you ARE that person and the fear will lose power and diminish, if not disappear. How wonderful would it be to live life without fear! You would be able to manifest ANYTHING!

Try it, and let me know if you get good results. It totally worked for me! I hope it helps you TOO! Good luck and I send you BIG blessings! Landria

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