We ALL have them . . . doubts. Bill Gates, Kiyosaki, Jobs, even Buffett doubt, probably more than most. We doubt our value, our abilities, our future and if we will ever find financial security and happiness. Sometimes we wake up in the middle of the night fearful about the ‘what ifs.’ And as much as we know that doubts serve no good purpose and feel downright bad, they continue to pop up and hinder our success.  We know that the law of attraction and quantum physics require focus and positive beliefs to manifest what we desire. But how do we squash the doubt that constantly creeps in? Try this daily and you will see doubt quickly taking a back seat.

TAKE ACTION. I don’t mean surfing the web for cool stuff and ideas, or talking about your big plans. I mean action that can directly change your circumstances for the better. Did you know that Bill Gates claims he never took a day off? He was in his garage working on his ideas, not thinking about them. He was trying things, failing, and trying again. We like to think that we are making progress on our goals and then go to bed feeling fearful again and that nothing has changed. And it hasn’t because nothing transpired to directly change the circumstances that we are unhappy with.  Let’s be honest, only we are in charge of that. You must take action! REAL action!

The truth is, no matter what your skills or education level, age or disadvantages, you CAN achieve success. Incredible success. You simply have to DO SOMETHING about it! Make a plan and execute it! Call the influencers who can help you, study the areas you want to invest or work in, make a list of what needs to be done to achieve your goals and take action every day to execute those ‘to do’s.’ Most people are great at making the list but never do anything with it. If you do at least ONE THING daily that can move you toward success, not only will it feel really good but you WILL start to see positive results. When you do, you will stop doubting that you could ever see your dreams come true. You need to make it happen and only YOU can! Go, do, achieve! It will mean possibly hitting roadblocks or challenges, but that is part of the progress you need to make in order to get to your end game.

I have consulted professional athletes, entertainers, billionaires, business owners, music and movie producers and a multitude of talented people.  (About Me)  They have one thing in common and it’s NOT that they don’t have doubts. It is that no matter what they are feeling, good or bad, they use it to inspire them to take REAL action every day. I mean the tough stuff like pushing physical limits to achieve performance, working diligently on an idea to see it come to life, studying a subject to master it and then implementing that knowledge, sitting up all hours to write a screenplay.

When you’ve taken REAL ACTION, there is a sense of accomplishment that lets you know that you are one step closer to your dreams. When I wrote my award winning book, I sat on my computer writing for hours late at night so that I could have it completed in 4 months. I set a deadline and I dedicated myself every day to REAL ACTION. Even when I doubted my abilities, I forged ahead and the doubt started to fade. Not only was it a best seller, but I got a movie deal! People frequently ask me how they can write a book and I tell them that they have to DO SOMETHING every day. Not think about it, picture the story, or daydream, but sit your toosh down and WRITE!

ACTION squashes fear and doubt, because you will get a sense of forward motion and accomplishment. When you start to see real results, you will become energized, excited, inspired. When you are REALLY putting effort in, you will become confident even when you experience disappointment. So, take action! What are you going to do today to see that dream come true? And tomorrow, and the day after? Start now. Make a list of your goals with actionable steps to make them happen. THEN TAKE ACTION! I know you can do it and I wish you incredible success!

Landria, Your Six Figure Mentor Sponsor and Member!

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