Internet businesses are exploding along with advertisers promising that anyone can make fortunes online. It is impossible to watch a video on YouTube without being interrupted by promising ads and although it is true that opportunities online are huge, it is almost impossible to know where to start. Without knowledge or expertise we cannot begin to know which ‘new and exciting’ offer will produce results which is why the majority of people spend thousands of dollars on offers that don’t pan out. The solution to this problem is easy and can be a highly lucrative one. I know because I found that solution and I want to share it with you.

The truth is that no one is really showing us anything new. They simply give us a variation of the same platforms out there and recycle the ‘chasing money dream.’ Just like any 9 to 5 (or more like 9 to 9 job for most), chasing money is exhausting and unfulfilling. Although we love what money can do for us, HOW we earn it has become more important. We want to love life, live life on our terms and start doing things that are meaningful. We want to get out of the rat race and stress, and start contributing to what is truly important – our health, the health of the planet, and our happiness. Is this how you feel? Millions of Americans are quitting their jobs because they feel this way. No money can fix our planetary challenges. Wiser decisions are required and that brings me to those millions you could make.

I recently moved to Florida to discover a problem that has been going on for years. It is called Red Tide and it is man-made pollution dumped into our waters that is killing our fish, Manatees, birds and everything that count on clean waters. Millions of fish are floating in the water, dead. How are we allowing this to happen? This is not just a Florida problem, it is a global one. We are poisoning our world and ourselves. The sad thing is that this is all fixable and it can start now. Do you want to make a difference on this planet and earn doing it?

We don’t need another plastic gadget or toxic product. We need solutions. If you want to make a positive impact on the planet and reap the rewards both spiritually and monetarily, take any planetary issue and present a solution. Instead of coming up with more products that end up in our oceans or poisoning our bodies, what if you developed something sustainable, healthy, or that eradicates the damages done. The world is ready for it.

And you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. The textile industry is one of the most toxic. What about all of those shoes that get thrown away? How about those cleaning products or beauty products we use? Have you ever looked up the information on how poisonous they are or the harm they bring to animals? I was recently on a call with ‘Hello‘ founder and multi-millionaire Craig Dubitsy who produces non-toxic products such as toothpaste and mouthwash. They don’t test on animals either. Did you know that if you swallow most pastes, you are supposed to go to ‘poison control?’ Isn’t that insane? Do you brush your teeth then drink your coffee or tea? Poison is going down with it. Yet we live in a world that accepts this. On the call, Craig took a tube of his toothpaste and ate most of it. Impressive. He placed health before profits, but he ended up getting both.

Somehow we associate ‘doing good’ with being broke. ‘Hello’ was cranking upwards of $40 million in revenues last time I checked, and was acquired by Colgate. Craig is undoubtedly a wealthy man. Yep, the big boys want in on the action too because the public is demanding healthy products. If all Colgate cares about is making money with those healthy products, then I am fine with that. It is the final result that counts. What if YOU produced a healthy, non-toxic product or a solution to our planetary woes? What if you were the next Craig Dubitsy? It is not all that difficult to achieve.

I recently bought the most comfortable shoes ever called ‘allbirds.’ Go visit their site where they blatantly state “Newsflash: Your outfit is killing the planet.” And here is another tidbit,

The fashion industry dumps 2.1 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere every year. That’s equal to the pollution from 456,707,817 cars in the same timeframe.

Allbirds shoes are earth friendly which is the core of their marketing. They are informing us as to how buying their shoes can make a big change. The statistics on what our clothes, foods, cleaners, cosmetics are doing to us, our planet, and animals is shocking. These stats are available to all of us. So my question is “what are we doing about it?” Is an online business something you desire? Making money online, automating, having freedom and all of the usual perks is great. But what about that product or service you offer? Are you choosing something that sells just to rake in the bucks or are YOU making conscious choices that could turn our planetary problems around? There are millions of people out there who are choosing both positive solutions through healthy products and services AND making a lot of money doing it. Is that you? It can be.

Being a ‘tree hugger’ is a good thing. Those trees keep us alive and healthy. Tree huggers are no longer hippies with long armpit hair, eating granola. We are a force of positive change, using technology to do it. We are placing others first, along with planetary health, people health and working as a community. We are flourishing, happy and abundant, and we are teaching others that there is another way. So next time you see one of those ‘make money online’ ads, take note if they mention doing anything positive for the planet or others. It is time to take charge and be leaders. Anyone CAN create a business that produces positive change. It is simply a decision we have to make. When dead fish are floating outside of your door, it may become more real. Let’s not wait. I hope that you will consider the impact your online business can have and join us in something great.

Landria Onkka is a former investment banker and has been an online entrepreneur for over seven years. She guides others to make healthier choices for themselves and the planet. You can explore the same training she took to create an online business at to create your healthy and impactful business.



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