EVERYONE can do it! YOU can do it! So why do so many people struggle to manifest the things, situations, relationships that they desire? FEAR! The answer is to eliminate the fear, right? If you do that then you have a clear pathway to be in alignment with the positive energy that will open the floodgates for your manifestations. Then WHY don’t we just eliminate the fear? Conditioning is why! Since we were children, we have been programmed to believe certain things and it’s so powerful, so believable, that breaking those thought patterns is a huge task. If you grew up in the woods without exposure to society, would you believe all of the negative things you currently hold? No! No, you wouldn’t! You believe you are limited because you’ve been told these things. How do we get rid of the blocks? Here’s how and it’s pretty simple, but it takes practice. You don’t fight them, you just ignore them.

O.K., that sounds a bit simple, doesn’t it? It is. It’s practicing it and making it your new habit that is the challenge. Here’s how I do it. When a negative thought comes in, I watch it. I simply look at it and watch it without commenting in my head, without trying to make it go away, without analyzing it. It’s the battle with the negative thought that gives it power. So, stop fueling it! When you stop fighting it, there is a gap that happens that eventually creates the opening for positive ideas, thoughts, and solutions to enter. Because the Universe is just that – total and complete love and that’s what it has for you if you let it in.

Watch the fearful thoughts and tell yourself that THOSE are not you. THOSE thoughts are the conditioned beliefs you’ve been told, or experienced that have conditioned you. YOU are pure love, pure potentiality, pure limitless power. You have the power to attract and create ANYTHING you desire. Quantum physics demonstrates that and ancient wisdom has taught us that since the beginning of time. Start believing it and stop fueling those crazy, negative thoughts that creep in late at night. In fact, if you can look at them and laugh, they will dissolve even faster. Laugh? Yes, laugh, because they aren’t you. They are your brain patterns that have been conditioned and are simply reacting as a safeguard. It’s up to you to un-condition your brain and break those synapsis bonds that were created and reinforced through the years. You do it by ignoring the thoughts, and eventually you’ll hear . . . nothing. What does that equate to? The opening for the Universe to send you what you truly want, and what you TRULY start believing you deserve, can attract, are worthy of receiving!

So recognize the negative thoughts, don’t react to them or fight them, sit with them and watch them dissolve. Then ask yourself what are some solutions to those problems that are stressing you out? Sit with that question too, because when the silent gap occurs, the Universe will send you incredible messages, people, ideas, and situations to help you on your way to sheer bliss.

Sound difficult? It isn’t. It just takes practice. Don’t stop the thoughts or battle them. Watch them like a movie screen, and know that they aren’t YOU! Wait for the silence, and then get ready for incredible, wonderful things to start appearing in your life. When you create the opening, you WILL receive what wonder the Universe has in store for you. YOU control this. YOU create your life. Start living your best NOW and let the rest go.

I wish you incredible manifestations! You are capable! Blessings, Landria

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