How to Stop Fear From Paralyzing You

By Landria | Uncategorized

Jun 12

Do you find yourself wanting to go after goals and finding that you are paralyzed with fear? Fear is not your enemy nor does it stop you from achieving your goals. It is your beliefs that causes fear. Only your beliefs create the fear that stops you from going after your goals and dreams. It’s not easy to change your beliefs, but when you change the story that you tell yourself, you can end the grip that fear has on you.


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Landria Onkka, is the Award winning and best selling author of "The Rooftop Christmas Tree," a 2016 television movie, the award winning sequel "A Bell for Christmas" and "Wooden Mistletoe." A former investment banker, she now lives her ideal life as a successful Internet Entrepreneur, Internet Influencer, professional writer and spiritual mentor assisting others in moving past fear to go after and live their dreams.

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