Do you envision goals and every year you continue to think of them as something you will achieve in the future? Somehow you never find that ‘perfect time’ to do what it takes to actually execute and go after them. Why is that? We stall, because it feels so great and exciting to think about it, but when it comes to taking action, it’s tough! Seriously, if you have big dreams, it isn’t easy to take that step to make it happen because that usually means taking risk, or making real effort, focus, and work.  It also means that you could fail.  Keeping your dream ‘safe’ is much more comfortable. So, how do you get past that sticking point and actually JUST DO IT?

First, understand that you WILL hit hurdles, doubt, and some disappointments. EVERYONE who has gone after big goals experiences that. When you know it and accept it, then it becomes much easier to handle when challenges arise. You know that you aren’t alone and that you WILL get past them. If you are ready to accept that there will be challenges, then you are ready for the second important step and that is NEVER QUIT! There are so many people out there who actually take the plunge and go after goals and sure enough, the first time the going gets tough, they quit. They stick their toe in the water and never dive in. GOOD! That eliminates the weak and the fearful, and opens up the way for the rest of us who are willing to do what it takes to achieve our dreams. Those people lessen the competition for the bold ones who WILL succeed, take on the challenges, move past them and win!

The third key component is to continually read, watch videos, and educate yourself through others who HAVE achieved what you aspire to. They are the ones that will give you the ‘down and dirty’ of what it takes, what to avoid, and how to accelerate your journey. That support system, available to everyone (through eBooks, YouTube, the library, coaches, massive online resources), is essential to keeping a positive mindset and focus. Sometimes I need to hear one online video that reinforces that I am on the right path, to give me a boost to keep going. It always pays off and there are plenty of people you can find online to follow and keep the momentum.

So, my question to you is, ‘If Not Now, then WHEN’? Life goes by quickly and my only regrets have been when I didn’t give it 100% or didn’t go after something because I was afraid.  The good news is that it’s (usually) never too late (pretty much anything is achievable, but you can’t try out for the Olympics at age 80 and expect to compete). Ideas, talents, art, a new business . . . ALL of it can be achieved if you truly want it.  Don’t wait. You really don’t have anything to lose because in the end you’ll always learn, improve, and find the right and best path from trying not to mention HUGE rewards. I know you’ve got it in you.  Go! Make it happen! And blog your success story! Wishing you incredible success!  Landria

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