What in the heck does intuition have to do with career decisions? Intuition is something that everyone has the ability to use but usually doesn’t. Intuition, as we know, is when you KNOW something and your gut gives you ‘those messages’ that you know are right even if you ignore them. And we DO ignore them, most of the time! Instead of ‘going with our intuition,’ we listen to the programming of the outside world and what we ‘should’ be doing according to society, our parents, spouse and friends. Intuition seems to be something in the ethers that we back burner, especially when it comes to career and money.

Is that you? Are you going against your intuition? That ‘feeling’ includes whether or not you are happy in your job and your relationships. We often ‘stick it out’ to survive and pay the bills so that we can THEN go enjoy life. We accept that work is NOT part of enjoying life but something we DO even when it drives us to poor health, strained relationships, stress and unhappiness. That isn’t the way we were supposed to live!

When was the last time you went with your intuition instead of what you SHOULD be doing? I don’t mean listening to the ‘fear’ that you tell yourself is intuition. I am talking about that GUT feeling that tells you to step out of the fear and to start living your life. You see, I started not only listening to my intuition, but acting on it six years ago. I was working in a prestigious career and everything about it FELT WRONG! It wasn’t until I made the decision to open myself up to the possibilities of positive change that opportunities presented themselves. Of course, I had to act on them and I DID! My intuition is now my guiding light to everything even when it doesn’t always ‘make sense’ in the world out there. It’s the world ‘in here,’ in my heart and gut that rules my life now.

What voice are you squashing that is telling you to break out of conformity? Do you still seek approval in your decisions? Maybe it’s time to stop worrying about the potential results of your decisions and start expanding into the possibilities. There is no such thing as failure. There is only learning that takes us closer to our goals, if we allow it to. Is it time for you to listen to your intuition? Is it time to feel GOOD about your life even when the world tells you it isn’t ‘safe?’ There is no such thing as ‘safe’ as we all know.

Sit in a quiet space, get in touch with your feelings, and ask yourself what needs to change in your life. What is out of alignment with your dreams? Listen carefully, because your intuition is always speaking with you. You have the answers. Are you ready to act on them? It may be time to join the thousands of people on the planet who are going after their dreams. Will you join us? It’s time! Check out your options with a free video series here https://landriaonkka.net/get-started. Or visit me on my spiritual website for ways to move past your fears and start living a life of freedom https://landriaonkka.com

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