If you are familiar with massively successful “Rich Dad Poor Dad” author Robert Kiyosaki, you know that working for someone else is the Poor Dad path.  If you don’t know who he is, I suggest that you Google him because learning that Investing in Yourself, and Owning Your Own Business are the 2 paths to success.  Being an employee is not. So what, according to Kiyosaki, could someone with little money, the inability to quit their job, or anyone just not getting ahead do to create wealth? Affiliate Marketing. Yep, that’s right.  It’s a big favorite. Affiliate Marketing is how his wife started her career.  They both, to this day, praise the benefits because Affiliate Marketing follows Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad rules — own a business, build and generate income directly to YOU, and it doesn’t require a big investment.

And working for someone else?  After taxes and increasing costs of living, and buying a house, you would be losing money.  Even if you play the stock market, you are at the mercy of forces outside of your control as we witnessed a few years ago when people lost their retirement accounts as the markets tanked.  And let’s face it, the investment markets are looking really scary right now.

Why is Affiliate Marketing a big favorite?  Kiyosaki lists the benefits.  Affiliate Marketing provides a low startup cost, so anyone can get on board.  You are building YOUR own home based business (an asset you truly own)  and investing in YOU (an investment that can generate income and increase ongoing) — his 2 rules to wealth.  Kiyosaki shares that Affiliate Marketing gives you an ongoing education by those who provide you the product or service to sell.  You don’t have to be an expert and can learn along the way.  You can work from home (who doesn’t love the idea of a home based business), dictate your own schedule, work anywhere, and receive the support you will need to stay on a positive track.  The community of Affiliate Marketers will share their guidance and tips, and cheer you on, unlike friends or family who may be a negative reinforcement. There are also big tax advantages, low overhead, and big rewards.

In other words, you can own a business for very little that you can operate full or part time, generate big returns, have little overhead, no employees, freedom, and protect yourself from the the volatility of the markets — including real estate, stocks, the strength of your currency, and your employer’s ability to keep you earning.  And it can continue to grow!

Make your own decision, like I did, and stay away from the naysayers.  Your income isn’t going to change by continuing on the path you are on, unless you are putting your time and money to work for you.  There is nothing more powerful than learning from those who have failed and succeeded, and paved the way for our success.  Stu and Jay of SFM have done that.  I hope that you are enjoying the Six Figure Mentor free videos, and I hope that if this is a path you’d like to pursue, you will reach out and let us show you the way.  Feel free to contact me.  I am happy to help you find success!

Signing off until next time!  Your sponsor, Landria – Six Figure Member and Entrepreneur

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