Landria Onkka

internet influencer and expert online coach

I believe that we should live our lives the way we choose without concern for what society or others think, provided that we are respectful of others rights. We spend too much time holding back, doing what we are told, working in jobs to be ‘responsible’ even if we are miserable. I have not lived a conventional life. It isn’t an easy decision but it sure is a satisfying one. I have done things most people dream of and I have no regrets. Now I spend my life showing others how to move past fears and go after their dreams. This online business training is part of that mission. I hope to empower others. Perhaps you are one of them!

Professional Credentials

Dream Team Coach

  • I am honored to be hand picked as one of half a dozen ‘Dream Team’ coaches by my Mentor, Stuart Ross. 
  • Dream Team coaches must have an expertise and/or proven track record online and the ability to easily convey that expertise to our clients.
  • Dream Team Coaches are ‘no nonsense’ ‘put you first’ coaches that really care about their students. Our goal is to guide you to the ultimate success in your lifestyle and business.

Influencer and Brand

  • I earned my label ‘influencer.’ I built it through years of dedication and offering a clear message to my public.
  • My success comes from putting others first. That doesn’t mean sacrificing anything. In fact, I teach that when you put others first and are passionate about that, you benefit ten-fold.
  • My brand evolved and continues to. I can show anyone how to create a strong and profitable brand no matter what their background. In fact, the more challenges you have experienced, the more you will be able to connect to audiences who can relate to you.

My Proven Track Record

  • If someone sells you instant success, especially with ONE WAY to earn . . . Run!
  • Being an online business owner is even more challenging than a traditional one, but the lifestyle and results can be beyond what you ever imagined.
  • I have been on the roller coaster and continue to learn. That is who you want to listen to  . . . those of us who have been at this for a while. When you see these ‘make money now’ promises, you know that the focus is on the money that THEY will make. Learn what it takes and do the work. You CAN achieve your goals. Find that mentor. Find that team who will help you to know what it takes.

Spiritual Guide, Internet Entrepreneur, Influencer, Award Winning Author of Best Seller and Hallmark Television Movie (2016) “The Rooftop Christmas Tree

How did I go from Investment Banking to Professional Writer to Internet Entrepreneur to Spiritual Mentor? I go where life takes me but when it feels ‘right.’ I follow my passion and I don’t let fear stop me from going after my dreams. I can say that I was privileged to work on some important and notable projects from television series, to movies both big screen and television, Broadway plays, and touring events, but with that privilege came real effort and drive. That is simply life. It takes effort. What you think and believe drives that.
I am often asked how I manage to live such an exciting life and my answer to that is that I “Just Do It!” Anyone can live an exciting, satisfying life.  I don’t overthink things and even when I’m petrified, I plunge into fearful situations regardless. I often seem to achieve the impossible. My secret? I have an understanding with “Fear.” I don’t run from it or blame it for my disappointments. I took charge of my life and told both my ego and fear that they no longer made my decisions for me.
I go after things that I desire regardless of the odds while others convince themselves that they can’t possibly achieve the impossible – so they never try. My core belief is that somewhere deep down I know that I DO have a chance.  Everyone does. There are no failures. Listen to my interview on Voice Of America.
I illustrated, wrote books and won awards as early as age 10 with The Young Authors Award a State wide honor. While I was at a University accepting my award, my teacher, Mrs. Dill told my classmates that they were in the presence of a famous writer. Did she know, or did she plant the seed that helped me to believe?  Words are powerful. Remember that, because your words can change someone’s life and your own.
I was a professional cheerleader (NBA and Pro Soccer), a writer on Capitol Hill, a business owner from age 19, traveled extensively, lived and worked overseas, taught myself German and earned several scholarships, then ended up as an investment banker.  I worked with the rich and famous, professional athletes, on big real estate projects, startup companies, franchises, Broadway plays, screenplays and movie deals. I flew on private jets, met celebrities, and funded some well known projects with names you’d know. I had a lot of fun, learned a lot and met some awesome people, and some real crooks too.
After years of stress, and long hours, the excitement wore off and I came to the realization that I didn’t love my career. But changing careers after 20 years isn’t an easy task. Be careful of what you ask for, because the Universe is listening!  Both my parents died within a short period and I was in charge of handling the estate details. It was an overwhelming task that required my attention daily. I had no choice but to halt my own work, but something happened.  I didn’t miss my career and I knew that this was my opportunity to make a big change. I took it. I finished writing a book that had been sitting around for 2 years and published it in four months. I got an interior design degree, something I’ve always loved, and started designing homes. Somehow, everything just worked out! And my life changed. Again.
I made my publisher’s best seller list, won two awards and got the story optioned for a movie. Within a few months, I got the call from my agent with the news that we were ‘green lit” (a term indicating that the option was triggered and the movie would be filmed). All within one year with a first try – an unusual achievement, my agent told me.  I wasn’t surprised. It was one of endless probabilities that I brought into my reality. That isn’t a skill, it’s who and what you are. Unlimited.
It’s never too late to change your life, to shake up things and go after your dreams. There are no excuses. Not age, or education, or money, or bad breaks as a kid. Only you decide how your life story plays out.
I learned Internet Marketing when I realized that the world, individuals, and businesses could truly flourish online and that it offered a life of financial and time freedom. And something happened along the way. I launched a YouTube Channel and became an influencer. I had decided that I needed to share my secrets with others and to let them know that there are no secrets, just a realization of what they are. I found myself wanting to empower others, and a whole new life opened up for me (you can check that out here). Here I am. Would you like to join me in a life of passion and excitement where you can speak freely and go after your dreams, no matter what the world thinks? We are the path finders and we are changing the world by finding our own voices and our own joy. 
Joy, passion, abundance and peace is not reserved for a few. It exists for everyone. It exists for YOU! Isn’t it time to go after that life? Isn’t it time to change that last breath scenario that is in your future, from “Why didn’t I?” to “Damn! I did it!” My mission is to open doors to positive change for everyone willing to listen, learn, and most of all take action. Yes, it will take a total mind shift, effort and most of all daily maintenance. Isn’t it worth it? You get to decide. I hope you choose happiness!

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