Welcome to my site. I'm Landria Onkka, an Award Winning Author of Best Seller,"The Rooftop Christmas Tree" now a Television Movie shown worldwide. Also author of sequel "A Bell for Christmas" Grand Prize Winner Hollywood Book Fest, and "Wooden Mistletoe"

After 25 years in investment banking, a career I never chose, I had to question my quality of life and WHY I would continue in a career I did not resonate with. I had no clue what I would do after leaving finance but I didn't care. I knew that it was time to start making decisions that felt RIGHT and PURPOSEFUL!

So I quit to pursue my writing dreams and everything else that I was passionate about! I got an interior design degree and opened myself up to learning new things that could create that life that I knew existed. It was an ad on YouTube that was my epiphany. New skills, online, my schedule and freedom to choose where I placed my attention.

This meant going out of my comfort zone. I knew nothing about technology, but then that is what the training teaches. And let’s face it, what COMFORT is there in doing something you despise? It felt RIGHT and PURPOSEFUL! Best of all, I was surrounded by super successful people who did the same thing that I was about to embark on. Mentors? That would be a first for me. A community of like-minded people? Even better!

So I did it. I launched online businesses that transformed everything and took me way beyond what I imagined it could be. I became an online influencer with a popular YouTube Channel, a spiritual teacher and a business mentor. Making money and making a positive difference was not something I knew! Everything I experienced was about making money and more money. Everyone was about the money. It was making the ‘everyone’ and me sick! That all changed for me. It is amazing what can happen when you let go and trust your instincts not to mention getting ‘uncomfortable’ to do it.

I wrote that book and two more. Several more are in the works. I shoot videos, travel, write, and best of all it all revolves around helping others. MY LIFE IS AMAZING.

SO WHY AREN’T ALL OF US GOING AFTER OUR DREAMS AND LEARNING NEW SKILLS THAT COULD OPEN DOORS? Humans are inherently fearful and don’t like to break out of the ‘norm.’ The ‘norm,’ my friend, has been unhealthy for centuries. We are saying “NO” and waking up to our own power. We are educating ourselves, banding together in communities, and getting creative!


I love what I do and strongly believe in all of the tools that I share. From careers to personal empowerment, I want to offer you the tools for life changes that you will excite and empower you. If you are ready to stop the complaints, seeing the world as a problem, no longer blame your past or society, and take charge of the amazing probabilities that await you, you are in the right place! Come and check it out. It is more than an education. It’s a community, people that care, and a new way of earning and living! 


Investment Banker, Award Winning Writer, Internet Entrepreneur, Former NBA Cheerleader, Former Writer/Intern Capitol Hill, World Traveler, and Mentor . . . a ‘no limits’ life!

I am proudly a risk taker! It’s called ‘living life!’ I am here to show you that YOU CAN ACCOMPLISH YOUR DREAMS and you shouldn’t wait another day to go after them! ALL of them! You don’t have to eliminate fear, you simply need to stop listening to it!

Why are people like me, successful business owners and others from all walks of life and careers learning how to use the Internet? We are seeking a way of life that makes sense and ends the struggle of the traditional work world. We want freedom and now we have options thanks to the Internet and valuable training platforms showing us how it can be used. This training has literally changed my life and I couldn’t be more grateful!

Landria Onkka, Author and Internet CEO, and

 Why am I promoting a digital education?  It can be the lifeline to a whole new lifestyle for you, like it was for me. My most successful clients used the digital marketplace.  They utilized the awesome technology that ‘everyone’ has access to and created high profit margins, low overhead, and minimal management. I knew that if I didn’t get on board, I would miss out on an incredible opportunity to be a part of the most lucrative and powerful economic driver globally.  The Internet is where business takes place, where people socialize, where we gather information! It is the most effective way to reach markets, promote interests, be in touch, reduce management time and the expenses that would normally be required in a brick and mortar business. Best of all, it gave me the freedom I craved and no cap on my financial rewards.

I took the plunge and educated myself to the world of online marketing.  The result? It’s revolutionized every part of my life.  I have a best selling book, a television movie, launched two businesses helping people globally to become successful. . . and I can work on the beach or anywhere as long as I have my computer or an iPhone.    

Who am I?  Someone with a lifetime of many successes, and failures, who found myself in what was supposed to be my ideal career and life.  Yet, something was missing.

I spent over 20 years in investment banking, working on Wall Street with business owners, the super wealthy, private funds, professional athletes, entertainers, and on deals from $1 million to over $1 billion.  I have lived and worked overseas, have several scholarships, traveled extensively, and was a writer on Capitol Hill. I am a published author, public speaker, entrepreneur, and probably very much like you — a seeker.  However, even with all of my accomplishments, I felt that something was missing.

  I was tired of chasing clients and deals, working long, stressful hours, and not being able to get on a plane whenever I pleased because there was always an intense project that needed my attention.  I couldn’t see an end in sight, but I didn’t have a solution because investment banking was what I knew. So, for the time being, I continued business as usual despite its restrictions and my lack of passion . . .     

Loss brings it home that life is precious and until we experience deep pain, we usually don’t take action.  Don’t wait for something tragic to motivate you to go after your ideal life. 

For me, it was the death of my Mother, loyal doggy, Dad and my only sibling all in a short period.  I watched my Dad’s heart monitor slow then stop when we took him off of life support. That incredible person slipped away and although a wonderful Father, had never lived out his personal dreams while he was here. Is that you? The person with so much potential who isn’t living out their passion because you have responsibilities and, worse, limiting beliefs that you stop you? I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to do anything radical to go after the life you envision, and everyone around you, and those you love can also benefit!

Then, I had a record year as an investment banker, but didn’t feel the joy that I thought it would bring. Happiness is not just about the money.  It was time to stop envisioning my perfect life and start creating it!  I couldn’t imagine another 20 years of doing what life threw me into and not what I would have chosen.  Losing my family drove it home that ‘LIFE IS SHORT!’

I wanted freedom and unlimited income, but I had no idea how to have both.

Living in the comfort zone suddenly didn’t feel so ‘comfortable,’ and I made a drastic change.  I quit my 20+ years investment banking career, wrote and published “The Rooftop Christmas Tree.”  It won two writing awards, including the 2015 Grand Prize Hollywood Book Award, was a best seller and is a North American holiday television movie. I love interior decorating so I got an Interior Design degree, graduated at the top of my class, and launched a Women’s Accessories business.  I made it into a high end magazine as “The Best of the Best.”  Still, my friends thought I was crazy. After all, I was an investment banker, right?  I didn’t listen and forged ahead.  It’s never too late to pursue old or new passions. I explored everything I ever wanted to do and continue to do so. Don’t wait to live your dreams!  It is absolutely awesome!

Then something very strange happened. I found this life changing training system on a YouTube ad and went with my gut feeling. I clicked on it . It was a game changer and brought me into the digital economy that is exploding. I have learned how to use the Internet to pursue pretty much anything — expand my businesses, work from anywhere, increase my revenue streams, & reach massive markets quickly. Everything that was foreign to me and didn’t exist when I first launched my businesses, is now an integral part of everything I do both personally and professionally.

But the best part is that it is fulfilling my dreams of loving my work, calling my own hours, being able to work anywhere in the world where there is an Internet connection and dictate who and what I am, and how much I desire to earn.

The funny thing is that people are so afraid to give up ‘security,’ but I know that there is no such thing. Even a stock portfolio, which we think of as an asset, can get wiped out.  I know – I was Sr. VP Wealth Management for Neuberger Berman (Lehman Brothers). With our currently unstable markets that is a real possibility. We create our own stability. I now have the education and ALL of the tools & skills I need for anything I want to pursue and that includes promoting great products and services that can help others to generate passive income.

The best part is that the Internet doesn’t discriminate – no matter what your education level, age, tech knowledge, background, it doesn’t matter. It welcomes everyone with something valuable to offer! 

I suspect that you have an entrepreneurial mindset . . . you like to control your destiny and want no limits on how you live your life.  There is a way to achieve your goals without buying a business, investing in stocks & bonds, buying real estate — you can afford it, and it’s available to anyone!  


The Platform to Freedom 

When I found this opportunity, I didn’t hesitate and I am so glad that I went with my gut instinct. If you choose to do the same, it could be the stepping stone to a life you dreamed of.

BUT IT TAKES A DECISION . . . one that you must see through to achieve your goals.  That’s what every successful, wealthy entrepreneur does.  It’s not an easy road, but it certainly can be an immensely rewarding one! And if you choose to join our entrepreneurial community, I will personally be here to assist you in any way that I can. In fact, you and I will be talking LIVE and communicating on a regular basis. I wish you great success and abundance!


I use this invaluable training for all of my businesses, I believe in it and what it’s delivered 100%.   If you think that you are ready to open the door to powerful tools and a new way of life, I invite you to accept the FREE Video Series that explains how you too can have a digital lifestyle. If you join, I will be here to support you in your journey  

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