I don’t believe in Law of Attraction. Don’t get all upset before you hear why. I believe that every thing, situation, and probability you desire ALREADY EXISTS and through Free Will, you get to choose your reality! You see, the word ‘attraction’ states that there is something ‘out there’ that you need to ‘attract’ to or bring to you. I believe that you already have it and quantum physics supports that. EVERY probability, including wealth, health and happiness, exists right here, right now. YOU get to choose if you accept it. In other words, you need to believe it in order for it to manifest. What is manifesting? The unseen appearing in the ‘seen’ world that we live in. It’s all here for you! Are you ready to receive it? You can! Never doubt that! All that you desire exists and awaits your selection to manifest.

When we spend time trying to get ‘something’ to come to us, we send the message that we aren’t in control of it. We operate as if it has a mind of its own and decides whether or not we are worthy of it. In fact, we are the ones making that decision and until we learn lessons along the way, our desires will remain elusive. We often try to control our manifestations, placing demands on them such as when and how it all must appear. We get impatient and unwilling to allow the universe to deliver our desires in the best possible manner. We want it NOW, believing that the ‘thing’ or situation can make us happy which is in conflict with what we truly are. When you relax and know it is done, you claim that what you choose will appear and exactly when it is best for you.

Are you willing to accept the gifts of the universe? They may include growth, learning, and some discomfort. But you will ultimately have everything you need and desire when you are willing to take responsibility for what is in your life that you feel no longer serves you and that which you desire. Accept it and learn from it, and you will no longer need to suffer from lack or any other situation that is undesirable. Know that you have EVERYTHING! Yes, everything. Stop attracting and know that IT IS DONE!

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