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I know what it’s like to want a mentor when you are taking your life to the next level. There are decisions to make and often confusion in life. Having someone who has accomplished similar goals and achieved success to guide you is priceless. I only had one mentor and he departed this Earth after 9/11. He too was entrenched in the financial industry and was one of the movers and shakers. One important thing he shared with me was “You don’t have to be an expert at everything. There are hundreds of people that can fill those other jobs. Focus on your talent, Landria. You’re a Rainmaker. That is priceless.” And he was right. You don’t have to have the PhD or Masters in Finance or whatever else you are told is required for success. You just have to focus on what you are good at and most of all, what you love. Are you doing that?

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We are Catching On – There is More to Life and Work Than Earning More Money

We are finally ‘waking up’ to the fact that our quality of life must come first. Most of us have pursued ‘whatever’ came along and after years we don’t know how to get out of it. What we TRULY want to do, we usually are not encouraged to pursue. We are told we can’t ‘make money’ doing it. Is this you? I was in your shoes and went down a path that was far from what I would have chosen. But, I got off of that path and found my way to where I am supposed to be – a mentor and a bridge for others to find their way to a happy and abundant life. When I took the online course I am presenting to you, it changed my world. It gave me the tools and foundation to build that life that included my passions AND abundance. But commitment and work is required of my students. From that comes amazing things if you are ready.

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This may take a spiritual upgrade, one in your career, or both

For most of us, it is both. We must realign with our spiritual essence and get clear on who we truly are. Then it’s time to look at our life and ask if we are living it the way we desire. If the answer is ‘No’ to either, I am here to assist you. It’s my mission. That is why our Digital Marketing Training is a place where spiritually minded people reside. They support one another and we receive the kind of guidance that isn’t easily available out there. You see, we know that your spiritual wellness is as important as your earnings. Both must be in alignment.

But I know that we have to pay our bills. That is why I promote a digital marketing training program that starts with your passion and shows you how you can monetize doing good things. It was what created the freedom I desired that allowed me to earn while pursuing my passions. It’s why I am able to reach global audiences and why you are here on this site. I did the work, learned something new and valuable and it transformed my life.


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What if you are totally lost? What if you spend your days (and nights) worrying, not feeling fulfilled, and lost? A life of joy starts with your spiritual peace and I have developed an entire program to guide those who need that ‘Mentor’ to show them the way. If you aren’t ready to dive in to Internet Training, then get YOU in check first. Or perhaps you need both! You can sign up for FREE Weekly Inspiration and information on my upcoming Spiritual Courses, Webinars and Events, also in addition to visiting my YouTube Channel.

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We all desire health, wealth, and peace of mind.  Why do we struggle in life? Why is it so difficult to live that ideal life? Fear. Where does fear come from? It comes from centuries of conditioning within the human race, our family influences, our experiences, and most of all what we choose to believe. You CAN create the life that you desire, but accept that it WILL come with challenges because, after all, we are on Planet Earth. Despite our challenges, suffering is not necessary and my courses and events are designed to retrain how you think and feel about the world and yourself, to open up to all possibilities.

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