IT’s HERE! My book is now a movie and will air November 27th at 7pm and 9pm Eastern, and November 29th at 11pm on UP TV nationwide! Click Here to watch the awesome preview with Michelle Morgan of “Heartland” and Tim Reid of “WKRP Cincinnati” and “Sister, Sister.” Stephen Huszar plays Sarah’s (Michelle Morgan) love interest in my holiday novel based on a true story. I can’t tell you just how excited I am not only to see my story come to life, but the fact that such talented people made it happen. Award Winning Director and Producer, David Winning did an outstanding job and the actors are first class! Thanks to ALL of them who withstood brutally cold conditions during filming!

I think about where I was two years ago and it’s surreal that I was an investment banker turned professional writer. I am living my dream. But it took effort. The first step is to get past any self-limiting beliefs that we aren’t qualified or it could ‘never happen for us.’ Life is a journey, not a destination. I think about the long nights I sat up watching holiday movies and writing until the crack of dawn. It wasn’t difficult, because I was doing something that I love. And now I am living the life that I always wanted. I did it and anyone can. You just have to believe and never stop believing that it can and WILL happen for you!

Since I quit investment banking, I’ve written 5 books and have several movies in the works. I learned Internet Marketing and launched online businesses that create multiple income streams. I launched a YouTube Channel that inspires others to go after their dreams. I have purpose and passion. I love life, even when it throws challenges at me. I hope that I can inspire others to believe, to take action, and never stop trying or lose faith. I hope that my stories convey that message, that Miracles CAN Happen!

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