Filming is complete and “The Rooftop Christmas Tree” is set to air on UP Entertainment television December 1, 2016 nationwide in the U.S. I am so excited and can’t wait to see how award winning Producer, David Winning, delivers my story. This is an example of going after dreams. The sequel, “A Bell for Christmas” is being printed as I write this and it was easy for me. When you love what you do, life is so much easier and joyful. I LOVE getting up every day to my writing, blogging, interviews, and creating new ways to express myself. I have two You Tube channels that express my message to “Live Your Dreams!” We live in fear daily. Why? When I realized that living an unsatisfactory life was more painful than taking the leap to go after my ideal life, I took massive action. The truth is that it doesn’t take a radical change to go after our dreams! It just takes the first step. When I did that, the second, third, and ongoing steps became SO EASY!

Life will always have challenges. ALWAYS! When we accept this and use them to learn and grow, it all takes on a new meaning. And it’s no longer frightening. We all have the opportunity to be our best and something truly great. I can’t express enough to people that breaking past fears isn’t all that difficult. I can’t imagine staying in a place, job or relationship, day after day, unhappy and always wishing for more, something different. Go after your dreams! Find a way! The resources are available to you! If you want ideas, need a boost, or direction, contact me and let’s chat. I’m here to encourage you! Now GO! Live out your dreams! Landria

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