If you were granted a wish, one and only One Big Thing, do you know what you would ask for? I have asked many people this question and the responses have been interesting. What is your One Big Thing? If you study the Law of Attraction, Manifesting, and all of the practices that can bring you closer to your One Big Thing, you know that knowing what you want is critical. Do you know what you want?

With the “One Big Thing” course, you may be surprised at what you find out about yourself, what you desire, and the messages you have been sending to the Universe. In this twelve week course, we take you from your One Big Thing, to examining every step along the way and what is at the root of your current thoughts and manifesting practices. You see, you are ALWAYS manifesting. So, why do we spend so much time manifesting what we ‘don’t’ want? Most of us don’t believe that we are that powerful and that those ‘things’ we desire are outside of ourselves.

ONE BIG THING is a twelve week course that will take you from naming your desires to breaking through fears, implementing practices, and finding the joy inside that opens up the gateways to the life you love. CHECK BACK SOON FOR THE RELEASE DATE in 2017 along with other programs focused on subjects such as health, wealth, and relationships and how you can be a successful business owner. OR CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP for Weekly Inspiration and Ways to Change Your Life, Special Offers, Webinars and More!