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Nov 15

Actor Tim Reid on the Set of “The Rooftop Christmas Tree.”    Brent Sampson, the President of my publishing house, Outskirts Press just reached out to congratulate me on my upcoming movie on UP TV “The Rooftop Christmas Tree” and interviewed me for his entire subscriber base. The movie airs November 27, 29, and 30th and is a heart warming family holiday movie that I hope you will watch. It was just over two years ago that I was a stressed out, overworked investment banker. Now I live a life of passion doing what I love, every day. What was it that brought me to such a drastically different place in my life? There were catalysts for sure and I’ll bet that you’ve experienced a few, also. You know. When you’ve hit a wall. You’re exhausted, or stressed, or worried about your finances, or all of the above. We all experience these turning points. But, most of us don’t do anything to change our circumstances. I did.

I wasn’t just lucky. I simply knew that my life was going to end one day, never having pursued my dreams if I didn’t do something and do it NOW. Yes, I have lived an awesome, exciting, incredible life. But things change and I was no longer feeling incredible or excited! So, I wrote a book. I took Internet training to learn how to promote it, and to create multiple income streams. I quit what was no longer serving me, and the Universe received the message that I was ready for something great! My success and opportunities are now accelerating at a massive pace. Now my exhaustion is welcome and I hit the pillow at night with a smile on my face.

What I did was not extraordinary. Anyone can do it. It takes action and focus on what you truly love. Above all, that is the key to real success in life. My advice? Take steps toward YOUR passion, even if they are baby steps. Remember that if you are not living a life you love, you can’t go back. So why not start now? There is always a way. There are support systems, mentors, new things you can learn. Go! Pursue them! I wish you great abundance in all that you do!


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Landria Onkka, is the Award winning and best selling author of "The Rooftop Christmas Tree," a 2016 television movie, the award winning sequel "A Bell for Christmas" and "Wooden Mistletoe." A former investment banker, she now lives her ideal life as a successful Internet Entrepreneur, Internet Influencer, professional writer and spiritual mentor assisting others in moving past fear to go after and live their dreams.

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