Unfortunately, it paralyzes us from creating massive success – being overly cautious, over analyzing, staying in our ‘not so satisfying‘ safe zone out of fear of change — they are all forms of self sabotage and we all do it. Most of us don’t realize it, because we always have good reasons for our inaction. It’s easier to tell ourselves that inaction is safer than taking action and potentially failing. But, the truth is that the KEY to success for EVERY person that has ever achieved it, is taking action regardless of what the outcome may be. Why? Because success relies on learning, making mistakes, getting back up and going after your dreams no matter what. Are you an achiever, or are you staying in the ‘safe zone,’ wanting more but never taking that leap of faith? You can’t get there unless you start somewhere. How do we overcome self sabotage?  There are a few easy steps you can take to get you over fear of making change to achieve the success that you deserve and I will share them with you here.

Let’s be honest.  Going after your dreams doesn’t come without discomfort.  Six Figure Mentor founder, Stuart Ross has shared some pretty intimate details of some of his most challenging moments while creating his multi-million dollar business. Like everyone I know who has been massively successful, they experience fear, doubts, some pain. But, they don’t let it stop them. That is the difference between the achievers and everyone else. I don’t know about you, but the pain of staying in mediocrity or dissatisfaction is worse than any pain I could ever experience going after my dreams.  The bottom line is that your dreams can’t come true until you make a change. Sometimes, you just have to try things, step into the uncomfort zone, and from it comes growth, expertise, and success!

So, how do you overcome self-sabotage and make that step into becoming the achiever that you are?! You have the strength, the talent, and something to contribute. Decide what it is that you want and then 1) Learn From Experts! Don’t go it alone. You don’t have to when there are incredible, successful people who WANT to teach you! Imitate the ones who have made mistakes and can help you to avoid them. It’s so much easier to take a step into new arenas when you have experts and mentors to show you how. Then 2) Surround Yourself With Like-Minded People. Hang with people who are go-getters, positive, and visionaries. There are incredible people out there who want to see you succeed. Join a like-minded community and get that support. Go to them when you need a mental boost and when you feel like quitting. They will keep you in the game and on your path. Then you will need to 3) Set Realistic Expectations. Give yourself the time to succeed. If you don’t relax and put undue pressure on yourself, you’ll freak out and want to quit if things don’t unfold the way you think that they should. Just know that it will happen and give yourself time to get there. It’s not going to be without challenges. Nothing in life is. Enjoy the journey! It may surprise you in incredible ways beyond what you could have imagined. Most of all, avoiding self-sabotage will allow you to get to your goals!

Entrepreneurs are a unique breed.  They change the world. Stop the self sabotage, the excuses, staying in the safe zone, and become the success story that you are!

If you decide that Six Figure Mentors is for you, we’ll be here to support you and teach you. Whatever your dreams, you’ll find Six Figure Mentors to be a community of achievers using the digital economy to accelerate their goals and dreams.  I hope you are enjoying your 7 day bootcamp. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.  Your Six Figure Mentor Sponsor, Landria

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