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Publishing as a business

Taking Your KDP Business Beyond Just Selling Books

Our services get you there

You Can just Sell Books or You Can build a Revenue Generating KDP Business and Brand

Content in demand Written for you
A subect, title and content that is seo driven
Book designs that sell
Training you on operating your publishing business
Landing Pages Designed to Capture Leads
Your Own publishing Manager
Checkups and 90-Day Delivery
Your 3-Month KDP Marketing Campaign Launch
Imagine selling your brand in the future


Your Project Manager works with you to determine the subject content for your publications. Your team works to create your business strategy, what you want to accomplish, how to make it happen, and how to monetize it on your terms and their expertise.


Regular checkups and meetings, along with reviewing what you need to know to set up and execute a successful publishing business. Prepare to plan your offers Let’s create that compelling content! Checks and balances prepare you to launch in 90 days.


Your dedicated Project Manager will delivery content and work with you to put your plan into action including the landing page positioned to collect leads and the marketing plan to target your clients and bring them on board.


Your account is positioned to add more books based on your 3-month ad campaign results and your personal goals. You decide just how big you want to scale. Do you seek side income, to replace your job, or hit bigger goals? Scaling is on your terms and Nucleus is here to step in to take you there.


Your team guides you in the areas that you are unfamiliar with including account setup and how KDP operates. This is all part of assuring that you are positioned to be a success. Whether you are new to publishing and KDP or not, your team answers all of your questions and supplies the training to make it happen. 

build for the future

When you own your business and build a brand, you can look to eventually sell your online business. It’s like investing in real estate without the upkeep. There are many investors online looking to buy brands. You don’t need to be a 6 or 7 figure business to gain interest.

what is most important

Because you have other things to do! Run your business from any where there is an internet connnection.

- nucleus is here for you

Running an online business shouldn't be painful. You 'can' love what you do to earn income.

- nucleus will guide you


No one told me that running an online business would be so stressful. The truth is, it doesn’t have to be. That is why I teamed up with Nucleus Services. They are, literally, the nucleus of your online success. They take over the tasks with expert knowledge and experience so that you don’t have to make the mistakes of a fledgling online business owner. And the KDP platform is ideal because it is simple, global, and automated. It’s where people come to buy knowledge and information.

You don’t have to create webinars or courses, learn tracking or design programs. KDP’s is the perfect platform for consistent traffic. The Nucleus goal is to position you for sales and to capture them. 

If you are ready to begin your publishing journey, click below and let’s get started. In 90 days, your business can be up and running.

Nucleus Services