While running this evening, another runner passed me. On the back of his T-shirt read “Pursue Discomfort,” and I immediately picked up my pace. Words are powerful, aren’t they? What I loved was that it didn’t read “No Pain, No Gain,” or anything radical. It simply stated a message that in other words prompts one to “Go outside of your comfort zone,” “Be Better,” “Move Past Fear,” or at least through it. Because to excel means being uncomfortable on some level, whether it’s physical, mental, or emotional. It doesn’t have to be painful, but it will be at the very least ‘uncomfortable,’ and that’s simply what it takes to expand and improve.

Everyone has their own idea of what ‘discomfort’ is. We each have a tolerance gauge that tells us when we’ve hit our limit. There are many who pursue discomfort, welcome it, and live for challenges. They know that it means moving closer to their goals and dreams. There are even more who when they reach discomfort, turn back, or even run! Don’t let that be you. No athlete achieved greatness or broke records by staying in the comfort zone. No entrepreneur plays it ‘safe,’ if ‘safety’ even exists. We live in a world that offers us lessons ongoing. Instead of running from discomfort, wouldn’t you rather pursue it? Pursue it on your terms, learn, grow, excel! I don’t like pain, but discomfort I can live with. I picked up my pace and I hope that you will too. Pursue Discomfort! I love it!

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