Spirituality in Business Counts

What do I mean by spirituality in business? Until recently, these two subjects had no connection to one another. We go to work and then we come home and meditate. What we DO for a living was not really a factor in our spiritual growth. Yes, sure, we know if we like our jobs or not, but we had a total disconnect with spirituality. In other words, spirituality was something we did in private time to counter-act the negative effects of jobs we despised. All of that has changed. Spirituality is ‘feeling good, purposeful and feeling right.’ What we do for a living counts in a big way.

I recently conducted a Master Class called “Shift Into Miracles.” It is part of the training I offer to those who are trying to find that peaceful space in every area of their lives. It is also part of an online business that I created that aligns with my spiritual self that is choosing ‘good’ and ‘giving’ to the planet. And I get compensated for it. You see, we usually separate those two and continue to struggle with money in relation to ‘doing good.’ We believe that they are exclusive of one another yet we are OK with earning a living doing things that aren’t so nice for our planet and ourselves. That makes no sense at all. This is a challenging belief that we must break through in order to maintain a healthy balanced life.

When I launched my online business, I knew that it would give me the freedom to call the shots. No one told me what to sell or how to sell it. There are no quotas or rules. It’s just me choosing my path and how I earn. No board of directors will compromise what I do and how I do it. That is up to me. Spirituality counts and I chose to incorporate that ‘spiritual side’ into everything in my life. That means what I do for a living and how I earn. You see, the two DO go together.

So, I am going to ask you if you feel in conflict with how you earn and trying to find that peace in your life. Because it is time for us to bring the two together. When that happens, our world will shift into something amazing. We will feel confident about what others are offering us, the quality of our products and services, and how we exchange goods and money. I see this world coming and am encouraged every day that this is what we want. Is it what you want? It is possible. If you are interested in learning how to Shift into Miracles, then go check it out (simply click here). In the meantime, give your career a good hard look and ask yourself if it is in alignment with your values and your happiness. It all counts.

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