YOU KNOW YOU’RE AN ENTREPRENEUR WHEN . . . you have always had a short attention span . . . you have difficulties finishing a project before you are off to the next one . . . you think of dozens of inventions and solutions to create . . . you have an amazing imagination with no limits . . . you see the possibilities of SO many things you can create and desire to make it happen . . . you try a lot of different jobs, ventures, and business trainings because you seek to fulfill your creative dreams. . . you KNOW that you can present something amazing to the world . . . you don’t quite ‘fit in’ with how you are told you should learn, earn and live . . . you struggle to be what society approves of . . . you aspire to do great things that most think is unrealistic . . .

YOU KNOW YOU ARE A SQUASHED ENTREPRENEUR WHEN . . . . you are told you have A.D.D. and should take drugs to control it, start to believe that you are not OK and may even take medications to squash it . . . you are told you should be more focused and you start to believe that it is a bad trait of yours . . . . you stop talking about your fantastical ideas because people tell you (or think) you are flakey . . . you have an amazing imagination with no limits and hold back sharing because people may think you are ‘weird,’ . . . you stop telling your partner or spouse about the ‘next thing, or training or venture’ you are pursuing to avoid their constant disapproval or criticism. . . the thought of rotting behind a desk or in a cubical stresses you out . . . you feel sick about living in the matrix because you so badly want to go after your dreams but are told you need to be more responsible . . . you give in to what society says is normal and stable and your soul is shrinking every day that you aren’t being YOU . . . you start to believe that you are irresponsible and a dreamer with no validity. . . you shrink into a life that makes no sense but begin to believe that you are the misfit that must change.

YOU KNOW YOU ARE A SUCCESSFUL ENTREPRENEUR WHEN . . . you recognize that the most brilliant inventors and business people had ALL of your traits and used them to their advantage (many flunked school, were broke and misfits) . . . you love that you have 101 ideas going at one time and go after as many as you can . . . you stop listening to the miserable matrix that tries to squash your brilliance . . . you are OK with having your ideas not come to fruition because that is just how brilliant people operate; they learn and adapt and they don’t quit; they find solutions . . . you enjoy the journey of a creator and inventor that is always new and exciting and unpredictable . . . . you stop seeking approval from ANYONE . . . you understand that stability and responsibility is what YOU decide and not the miserable matrix . . . you hang and collaborate with other creators and future makers . . . . you stop caring about what others think and expand on your brilliance without resentment; you bless them and leave them to live out their lives in their boxes; you soar . . . YOU NEVER QUIT . . . . YOU NEVER QUIT . . . YOU NEVER QUIT. Would you like to join the thousands of entrepreneurs who are taking action? Visit for a free video series to learn how to train your entrepreneurial talents!

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