We tend to think that ‘our BEST’ is determined by our actions.  For instance, running our best time in a race, or working hard at a charity event.  But, you may want to consider your ‘best’ as something more.  It starts with what you are thinking.  If you go into the office and decide that you will give your best by being nice to the person that annoys the heck out of you every day, it isn’t your best if you are thinking “I can’t stand this person! I will be nice and get through the day!”

I believe that our best starts with monitoring everything that goes through our mind.  Because if you are taking positive actions and the underlying thoughts are negative, then you can count on not getting positive results.

Remember, ‘thoughts are things.’ If you focus on that first and foremost, you will see ‘your best’ coming out constantly without much effort.  You will become more creative, more relaxed, perform better, have more energy, and attract abundance, health, and love. Your ‘best’ becomes much easier, because the underlying thoughts are now positive ones that connect you to the power that is available to all of us. Being your best will become effortless and the annoying fellow employee won’t be so annoying.  You won’t be giving it much thought and may even find yourself experiencing compassion where there was none.

What is your best?  Start with meditation every morning and night.  Clear out the clutter, stop the flow of garbage about what was or what you think may be, and see what happens.  Your best will become much easier and automatic. As difficult as it may seem to be your best at times, work on shutting down the incessant thinking.  Now THAT is a challenge at being your best, but I know that you can do it.  Give it time and be consistent, then see what happens!

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