Everything?  You ask? YES!  EVERYTHING!  That includes the more ‘unpleasant’ experiences in your life.  Why?  Because anything that you resist, obsess over, and deny, will persist.  You are, in essence, fueling the fire, giving it power, and denying the whole reason why we came here . . . to learn! Everything comes to you for a reason and, let’s face it, you attracted it on some level.  Like it or not, you need to take responsibility and look deeper into ‘why’ you are receiving challenges.  As soon as you welcome it, and learn from it, you can move on and use it for incredibly, positive progress and go to new levels of success.  Keep saying ‘no,’ and that is what the Universe will keep sending you. You are missing an opportunity if you don’t look at challenges as gateways to transition that can be positively life changing.

I know that we believe that rejecting the seemingly negative experiences seems like what we are supposed to do . . . say “NO! I won’t accept this,” and it is supposed to just go away.  But, in fact, that is not what happens.  It will strengthen. It is serving a purpose.  Examine it and, if possible, embrace it.

The interesting thing is that when you go through something uncomfortable, if you just sit with it, it seems to lose its power.  Just sit there and feel it.  Try it some time. It is pretty amazing at how it somehow doesn’t seem so traumatic. And, let’s face it, anyone who has been through the ups and downs of life, knows that everything DOES pass. It’s not always fun, but if you want a perfect life, get off of the planet.

So, try it when the sun comes up, and you smell that fresh pot of coffee, or the rain comes down . . . YES!  Say it when you feel a loss or sad . . . YES!  Because each day leads us to the next, and every day is a chance to create something incredible.  Use all of it, good or ‘uncomfortable,’ and say YES! And see how your life transforms and accelerates to better things, faster!  YES!

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