Thanks to slick editing tools along with the endless ways to reach any consumer, marketing has become more of an Oscar competition than a clear, honest message that places the customer first. I recently saw a YouTube award given to a popular dating site that shocked me. The ad shows how the company put Satan and the year 2020 together. I pictured the room of creators ‘high fiving’ one another at their cleverness. Nowhere in that marketing campaign is the client considered.

First of all, if that dating service is responsible for such a horror, then we should run. That, of course, is just a cute ploy they apparently thought would get laughs. No single woman out there thinks that is funny. Where is the client in that equation? It certainly was not an effort to assist the client in feeling safe or confident about who is on their dating site. Worse yet, what collection of people gave that award? Where is the client message? No one is laughing.

What is the secret? Make the public feel good, safe, excited, secure, or whatever else positive emotion you can invoke with your product or service. Treat us as intelligent beings and not morons. Yes, we know that satan isn’t on a dating site, but that is irrelevant. Ads invoke emotions and right now customers want to feel safe and secure. They want honesty and trust. Just tell us what you can do for us. Point out the good things. Is that so difficult?

When did we get so ridiculous that we forgot our audience? Watching well known actors shove junk food in their mouths and hoard a bag of treats as they sit in the closet hiding holds no appeal. Is there anyone who is going to buy that product because of that ‘cute’ commercial while people are out there worrying about feeding their families? When did we get so detached from compassion and reality? No one cares about your award when we, the consumers, get lost in the equation.

I just saw a commercial where a woman shaves her pubic parts which is border line obscene. I am wondering what woman wants to see that. Not me. I don’t know any woman who is going to be incentivized to buy the product because of that ad and I don’t know any woman who is going to clammer to join a dating service that takes satan on as a client. We want safety, quality, security and most of all honesty. Consumers are tired of ‘get rich’ promises but advertisers are pushing them more than ever, taking advantage of our vulnerable public. Getting cute with ads is taking precedence over caring for our real needs.

While I know that Golden Labs don’t really drive cars, I can’t get enough of the Subaru commercial that makes me feel really good. The entire dog family is always on a clever adventure, driving their Subaru. It IS possible to get cute and make us feel good too. It is possible to supply laughs and promote a product in a positive way.

Remember when GoDaddy released a commercial during a past Super Bowl about a puppy? GoDaddy advertisers thought it was clever to send a puppy careening off of a pickup truck who then got sold online once he found his way back. I quit GoDaddy that day because stupidity should not be rewarded. About that dating service, I along with my friends, quit. Their all important award simply didn’t matter and emphasized that their management team is not in touch with their clients. I place no trust in them.

Would I buy a Subaru because dogs drive them? Maybe. It sure made me feel good and my guess is that the management at Subaru wants us to feel good. Good job and for them! Thank you Subaru. And they didn’t leave cats out, either. Heart felt ads is their winning formula like this commercial. As for the dumbing down of America, that can’t happen unless we support it. It is time for us to take charge and shut down the insults and stupidity. I have faith in the public and I know we are ready for honesty and intelligence. The advertisers whether big or small need to tell it like it is, offer and DELIVER value. We don’t care about your awards. We want solutions, quality, and better lives. Is that so difficult to understand?

Invoke positive feelings in your audience. Show the best in your product or service. Be honest about it, and deliver what you promise. Be fair, give great service, and place your customer first. That is the secret winning formula that few seem to know. Trickery never wins in the long run. It is time to treat our public like the intelligent people that they are. As a coach for multi-million dollar companies, I teach that a positive influence is to place your audiences ‘experience’ first and foremost. It’s all about them and right now we need to give that positive experience more than ever. Are you on board?

Landria Onkka is a best selling, award winning author. She has a television movie, is an internet influencer and three internet businesses. Landria coaches individuals, small businesses and 8 figure revenue companies on how to positively influence and respect their consumers.

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