Money can be illusive and most people seem to struggle to find wealth. So, what is stopping them? Why do so many people find it difficult? THEY WANT AN EASY AND OBVIOUS MONEY FIX. In other words, they want that ‘one thing’ that makes them say “EUREKA! THIS IS IT! I’M GOING TO BE RICH!” But, let’s be totally honest here. Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Steve Jobs and others – well, NONE of them found that ONE THING right away.  They built up to it, failed, tried again, figured it out, and didn’t quit!  THEY PERSISTED! Did you know that Robert Kiyosaki was homeless for a few weeks? That was after he found wealth and then lost it. But he used his knowledge and rebuilt himself and now he is once again, a very wealthy man. The key is this . . . persist, learn, improve, and make it happen! And IT WILL HAPPEN!

I know, it isn’t what we want to hear. We want to come up with the million dollar idea. But, the truth is that the wealthy took something and kept at it until it worked and then continued to build on it. I am sure all of them had their dark and discouraging moments, but they didn’t let it stop them. The problem with people who don’t find wealth is that they quit as soon as something is difficult or they get frustrated. They get all excited thinking this is how they are going to ‘make it,’ and then get disappointed when they don’t hit the jack pot.

Have you read “Think and Grow Rich,” by Napolean Hill? If not, it’s a MUST READ book that has been around forever. He tells stories over and over that reinforce that one must persist to achieve wealth. There’s the man who drilled for oil and finally gave up. He sold his equipment and land to a man who moved the drill over several feet and hit the vein that spewed oil. The lesson? I think you have it by now. That same man who quit, went on to sell insurance and after hearing “No” over and over, kept going and eventually became wealthy as he built one of the biggest insurance companies. He learned his lesson. Persist!

As an investment banker, I can’t tell you how many people were all happy and excited about their product or service and the first time an investor shot down their idea, they would get defensive and argue. The happy attitude was instantly gone and they became discouraged. There was always a handful of people who listened, used the rejection to improve, made the suggested changes, and created something awesome.  They eventually found their funding and saw their dreams come into reality. PERSIST!

The top salesmen are the ones who have heard “No,” the most. The best inventions are the ones that failed hundreds of times. Thank goodness Jefferson, Edison, and many other great inventors didn’t let failures phase them.

If you want to be fabulously wealthy, find that idea, training, product, or service that you believe in and stay with it until you become the best. Don’t quit! Persist! Focus on that dream, that specific amount of money, envision it, make it happen! You CAN make it happen. Know that you will be in the company of other great, wealthy people who were willing to work, learn, and even struggle before they realized their dreams. Prepare yourself for it and get comfortable with the idea that everyone successful experiences doubt and frustration.  But, if you stay at it, you will eventually become the expert, resolve the problem, find the success. PERSIST! Now go out there and grab that dream!

Wishing you fabulous success and LOTS of money! Landria

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