Somehow a big portion of the human race is placing happiness before everything else. Go figure. Big challenges usually have that effect. Why happiness has not been the main focus of humans is a mystery to us all. It is not until our lives and everything we thought was important is at risk that we focus on our mortality, what is truly important and why we are here. We then question what is ‘normal’ and acceptable that has not produced the expected happiness. It is then that an emotional rebellion takes place. At this point in time, our rebellion is spreading beyond emotions. There is a massive exit of the workforce. In the second half of 2021, over 20 million Americans quit their jobs. What is going on? We are sick and tired of being sick and tired. Happiness is taking precedence over earning to survive and waiting for happiness upon retirement.

We are bucking the system that has kept us operating like robots who work, eat, sleep, retire and die unfulfilled. We have made a lot of other people rich and they don’t seem to be very happy either. A new era of technology available to all humans, no matter what their backgrounds, experience or education levels is opening a huge door to options. Online income opportunities are rampant, and the level of training to get new skills is high. The thought of doing something one loves for a living is a new concept. Unhappiness is no longer acceptable. We don’t all know what we are going to find when we leave mediocrity, but we know that exploring our alternatives can only lead to freedom of choice. Right now, freedom is looking pretty attractive.

I wonder when having a lot of ‘stuff’ was considered happiness. After all, we have seen that bigger homes, cars and ‘things’ have not created happiness for anyone. Over 80% of working Americans are unhappy with their jobs and I was one of them. The pressure to stay in the financial industry as an investment banker was great. After 20 years in a career I never planned to be in and never really loved, I realized that nothing was going to change unless I made it change. I was considered successful but that meant nothing to me. I wasn’t happy. I wasn’t doing what made me happy which was writing and creating. But what were my options? There were bills to pay.

No one should have a heart attack due to stress on the job yet we accept this consequence for achieving success. This is a societal dictate that millions are saying ‘no’ to. We are catching on that the world we told exists has been a lie to keep us dumb and dumber. As a coach in creating online businesses and spiritual teachings I can say that beyond a doubt, the public is ready to step away from the madness of accepting unhappiness in every area of their lives. Our pandemic has pushed us to the tipping point of realizing that nothing counts if we don’t our health and freedom. We want both and nothing is going to stop us from achieving that. Shame on those companies for not sticking up for those employees who have given so much to keep them successful. That was the last straw. Hard work and unhappiness just hasn’t paid off. Americans and others across the globe have gotten that smack in the face that has brought us to reality.

We areĀ  becoming bold, thinking for ourselves and understanding how powerful our communities are. Gone are the days of BIG ideas that require BIG investments and qualifications. Anyone, including the small farmer or gardener, musician or writer, digital marketer with a value product, can become highly successful and even millionaires. It is happening now and that is just the start. The playing field is leveling out. We don’t need big corporations or big money to achieve our goals. We don’t need the media to tell us what to fear or what we should be doing. We are choosing happiness on our terms. We are uniting with others who choose the same. We don’t have to all have the same opinions and we are learning that it is ‘OK’ to disagree. We are looking for solutions, inspiration, inventions, positive change, and yes, happiness.

A huge shift is taking place. I call it the tipping point toward happiness. There will be those who will cling to that old world of sameness that they believe is going to bring back ‘normal.’ There is no ‘normal.’ Thank goodness for that. Happiness is not that difficult to achieve. It means that we are ready to work on ourselves to break old, negative habits, end judgement and arguing, and focus on harmony and giving. Does this sound like utopia and a pipe dream? Perhaps. But as an online influencer, I hear directly from the globe that dreams are what we want and we won’t stop until we achieve them.

Yes, millions of people are quitting their jobs. They want quality of life, freedom, and choice. We have power beyond our imagination and as a collective, there is no one in control of us. We can change entire industries and end the destruction they wield on our planet. We are supporting healthier foods and products, saying ‘no’ to what was convenient and toxic. This is the turning point toward a golden era where smaller communities will serve one another, exchange goods and services, teach new skills that bring joy, and showing our children that they CANĀ  go after their dreams.

I see a world evolving that is amazing. It won’t happen overnight, but it is accelerating at every moment. Online businesses are exploding in a good way. As one who stepped away from the madness and a 20+ investment banking career to create my happiness, I can say that it is totally worth it. Giving feels so much better than taking. Inspiring is so much healthier than debating. Creating brings purpose and joy to all. There is no price on happiness. We are finally getting our priorities straight and no powers in charge can stop that. Seven years ago I pursued happiness. I now have a best selling book, two big awards, and a television movie. I am a YouTube influencer and I guide people to change their lives and pursue that elusive happiness. Life feels good. Life feels ‘right.’ Happiness exists. Don’t question that for a moment. It exists for everyone. It exists for you.

Landria Onkka is a YouTube influencer, online business coach, spiritual teacher and award winning writer. You can find her at and

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