If you want to lower your immune system, stay in fear. If you want to stay in anxiety over a job or money, take no action and you are assured that your dreams won’t come true. Why do we do this to ourselves? As Winston Churchill so clearly stated, “The only thing we need to fear is fear itself,” yet so few adhere to these wise words. What holds you back from going after jobs, situations, relationships that you truly desire? It is always fear. It is that unknown that won’t guarantee you a certain final outcome. And we love security and guarantees. The problem with that is that life always gives us what we need and it may not be something you can secure with an insurance policy! What is holding YOU back? It is always fear.

So, what is at the root of that fear? What, exactly, are you afraid may or may not happen that keeps you in a place that is not satisfactory? It is time to take a look at that. Believe me, there IS a reason and most of it comes from programming. Even if you are a risk taker, I CAN guarantee that others will criticize you in your ventures. You see, no one wants to be left behind. Let’s face it, if one person makes it out of the matrix, the pressure is on for the rest of the species.

I have news. We are breaking out and in a big way. This movement of positive change cannot be stopped. Fear is no longer in control on this planet. We are fed up with being complacent, unhappy, stressed and empty. Our planet is evolving and I assure you that it is in the right direction. My question to you is “Are YOU evolving” or are you playing it safe? Fear is a dream killer and there is no better time for you to explore the amazing probabilities that await you. Are you ready for positive change? Join me and the thousands moving past fear and into that new earth where WE control our future.

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