So many of us constantly WANT, DESIRE, SEEK! If you study manifesting, you know that The Real Law of Attraction is . . .

GIVING! Giving is the message that you already have abundance. Instead of being focused on what YOU want, focus on what others want or need.  That is the real Law of Attraction! If you give value, service, assistance, or whatever you have that others may benefit from, you too will experience those gifts. Giving is the key to great entrepreneurs because they focus on giving REAL VALUE which makes them truly desirable. Who wants to buy a piece of crap product, or spend money on a service that makes you feel jilted? Those are people focused on what they can get, giving as little as possible. That is a business that soon will fail. Focus on the value that you can give every day in every part of your life and you will be on your way to GREAT SUCCESS not only financially, but spiritually. And believe me, it feels a lot better to focus on contributing good and value, then stressing out about what you want that you don’t have, and how you can get it!

Do you have an awesome idea? Are you an artist? It’s time to share it with the world. Do you want to launch a business, but have NO ideas? Then take someone else’s great product or service and offer value by selling THAT! You don’t need money to create your awesome life! You need a focus on what you can contribute and who can benefit from it and the money will come. So, quit thinking about what you DON’T have. You’ve seen “Shark Tank.” Think about the people who gained the support from the Sharks and their money. It’s always the person who was dedicated, created something really unique and desirable to others, and who did their homework. In other words, they focused on GIVING all the right answers to the investors who will deserve a return on their money.  They were focused on how their customer could gain value above what is currently available to them.

Think about how many ideas and how much progress you would gain if all of your ‘wanting’ energy was put into what you can give.  Make your new year a year of giving! The Universe doesn’t discriminate.  It sends you the exact messages you send it and if it’s lack, desire, anxiousness, then that is what you will attract. Try sending out thoughts of ‘what can I give?’ and watch what happens. Great ideas will come to you. You will start attracting other people looking to give (and it may be a partnership, an idea, or money to launch a business). The world needs more givers who will put others first. Let’s all be a part of that! And when the floodgates open up for you, you will know that the message was received . . . abundance, wealth, joy, giving and a real satisfaction knowing that you received by doing something truly positive!

Wishing you incredible success and that all of YOUR dreams come true! And visit my YouTube Channel for great videos on launching your ideal life. Best, Landria

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