If you’ve studied the law of attraction, you know that EVERYTHING that you think and believe is creating the things that are coming to you, or NOT coming to you — attracting good, bad, or inhibiting desirable things or circumstances. I have read a LOT of books about this (I listed some below), some written over a hundred years ago.  No matter who you follow, they all teach one thing – BELIEF determines your life path. There is no ‘secret’ to that because even science has proven, through Quantum Physics that our very thoughts affect the outcome of experiments. Yes, it is truth not theory that the expectations of the scientists unknowingly manipulated results. Without going into detail, the foundation of Quantum Physics is that EVERY possible outcome already exists and everything is connected. It doesn’t become ‘real’ until we give it attention. So our ‘attention‘ to a specific outcome can bring it into creation.

To some of you that might seem crazy, but I invite you to research it, because once you grasp this, you will truly realize the immense power that you wield. Remember, that can be for both good or bad, so use it wisely. You can, without a whole lot of effort, bring forth the circumstances, money, health, love, or whatever you desire.

So, why doesn’t everyone have what they want? We are programmed to think negatively, doubt, fear, and question ourselves. Those can be big hurdles to overcome, because they are deal breakers to the beliefs required to manifest your desires.

Why are the rich so successful at attracting awesome wealth? We know that they aren’t smarter, luckier, or more clever. They simply, deep, deep down in their core, TRULY BELIEVE that they will achieve their goals. Sometimes that focus or belief isn’t necessarily in wealth, but wealth is a result of their achievements. The rest of us, not seeing their desires come to fruition can think good thoughts, say affirmations, envision, but there is something deep in their soul that says “Who are you kidding, you aren’t smart enough,” or “Money is evil,” or “I’m never going to be successful!” or every thing your parents or some other authority drilled into your head. And it sabotages law of attraction efforts!

The good news is that ALL of your negative thinking, fears, and doubts ARE NOT TRUE! NONE of them! You are an unlimited energy that has access to the power of the universe. We are all connected.  And if we are all one energy, then we all have the same power that creates endless things and circumstances, just as the rich do. YOU CAN CHOOSE! You can choose to believe the doubts and fears, or you can choose to believe that incredible people, circumstances, and opportunities are going to show up and facilitate all of your dreams.

I know how it feels to struggle to believe that anyone can manifest their desires, because I came from the Midwest and a very conservative family. My father was successful and we certainly never had to go without. But, the mentality was one of scarcity because that is what he was programmed to believe. No matter what I achieved, I can say that often I didn’t believe 100% in my abilities or the outcome. I have to work to keep it in check and can share with you that it isn’t a road you should go down alone. Continually reading, watching YouTube videos, and surrounding yourself with positive, successful input and people is critical to overcome negative barriers and maintain a positive frame of mind and belief. You need to work on it daily!

Here are a few favorite thought leaders of mine starting with “The Master Key System” by Charles Haanel which was actually banned for many years because people feared its power. People like Brad Pitt and Warren Buffet, Bill Gates and others supposedly followed this system. You can watch it on YouTube for free, or buy the book. Another one I follow is Ernest Holmes who wrote “The Science of Mind.” Don’t freak out. It isn’t Scientology or anti-religious teachings. He is simply another innovator who recognized the power of the mind many years ago. Joseph Murphy, Napolean Hill, and John Kehoe are a few other powerful teachers. If you haven’t found ‘your guy’ (or gal) that speaks to you, then keep searching. Keep the books and videos handy, keep at it EVERY DAY and KNOW that you can achieve incredible things.

I look forward to sending you more information and ideas as we move forward. Stay focused, envision your success, and BELIEVE that it is already yours! I will be sharing how I, an investment banker, used BELIEF to write a best selling book and get a movie deal within a few months. Stay tuned and go after YOUR dreams!  Wishing you great success, Landria

Please feel free to reach out to me at landria@landriaonkka.net  or http://landriaonkka.net

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