Fear is the Oldest Trick in the Book

I don’t usually write about the insanity that is taking place on our planet. My whole platform emphasizes a focus on positive change in every area of our lives. What we focus on, we create. It seems that even the ‘spiritual’ and ‘new age’ set are getting sucked in to the fear based propaganda that is, as usual, being used to manipulate the public. This is ALWAYS done for some personal gain which we know comes down to money.

I know because I was in that world for over 20 years and boy, can I tell you stories about fear. But I won’t. Wall Street rules are that you never kiss and tell and frankly, it is irrelevant at this point. Manipulation is rampant on the planet and what saddens me is that the vast majority is ripe for the picking. If presented in a convincing manner, they will believe pretty much anything.

As an internet influencer, I can honestly say that what I hear from the vast majority is shocking. When I was an investment banker, I did not deal with the general public. I worked with very wealthy people, celebrities, and smart financial (and some ‘not so smart’) people. I was clueless as to what that ‘public’ out there thought or how they were influenced. The truth is that they are equally as in control of their abundance, happiness, and future as any Wall Street Whiz. They just don’t know it.

Having ditched the financial industry to guide others to their own power, I was exposed to the REAL world. It was scary, to be honest. The markets are still being guided emotionally, those in power misuse their intelligence and persuasion, and really nice people hand their power over to all of it. Not much has changed in the last several centuries. No matter how much I promote ‘self empowerment’ and provide tools to move past that reliance on an unreliable power structure, it seems like people just don’t want to make the effort. They continue to meditate on winning the lottery and whenever they have an opportunity to do something really amazing, they quit and go back to chasing some ‘quick fix.’ Thus those who do the work remain in positions of power and they use it, quite often, in self-serving ways.

When in the heck do humans start taking charge? Our power is within and in our community, not through manipulation but by serving all of us. When all of us flourish, all of us benefit and all of us are healthy. Our planet has never sent a bigger message than now. We are sick. Yet we continue to act like ying yangs, listening to the fear (totally a choice) and allowing it to rule us. There is a major shift happening right now and it is massive. Each of us has the choice to become great, gain knowledge and skills, and use them for our own benefit and others, or we can keep chasing the fear.

Every morning I get up and work on sending the message to others that THEY are powerful and capable of achieving amazing goals. I shoot videos, create online courses of empowerment, host monthly webinars, and I am now a trainer for businesses that provide an education and skills that are incredible. I won’t stop any time soon. You can visit my efforts at https://landriaonkka.com. Then there are those who will criticize anyone who actually makes a living doing good things. I wonder who put those ideas in our heads.

It is not easy to turn off the fear and focus on being powerful in a world that will tell you that you aren’t and that you need someone to make you rich. I get that. But there are no more excuses. You do wield unlimited powers and it is time to make it happen or get off of the pot. It think you know what I mean. No more arguing, blame, pointing fingers, and victimization. We are equal, powerful, amazing beings. I wonder if I will ever see humans recognize that in my lifetime.

So, until I leave this really confused and destructive planet, I will continue to provide tools of empowerment. There is much good here and every person possesses that goodness and those capabilities to achieve amazing goals. I am sorry to say that it will take work to achieve them. So if you are ready to do the work and stop listening to the fear, there are wonderful communities and structures out there that really give a hoot about us. It is your choice. If you would like to see what we are doing and creating, you can sign up for free information https://landriaonkka.net/get-started.

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