The Wealth Mindset Spells Success

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Jan 09

What is the Wealth Mindset? It is a blatant behavior pattern among the successful and the wealthy that makes them unstoppable. It is the secret to success. Let me state that success isn’t always about money, but somehow success and money seem to go together when one has the mindset of abundance and determination. In this video, I discuss the patterns I see in my fellow Internet Training students that equate to success in their lifestyle and income. I share this mindset that has completely transformed my life, and I want you to know that if you adopt a Wealth Mindset and attitude, you can shift into the reality of success and abundance also!


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Landria Onkka, is the Award winning and best selling author of "The Rooftop Christmas Tree," a 2016 television movie, the award winning sequel "A Bell for Christmas" and "Wooden Mistletoe." A former investment banker, she now lives her ideal life as a successful Internet Entrepreneur, Internet Influencer, professional writer and spiritual mentor assisting others in moving past fear to go after and live their dreams.

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