If you thought that jobs were scarce, I challenge you to do some research. If you have a computer, it will take you all of sixty seconds to access the “top online contract jobs” resources that I found. One search on Google will amaze you. The internet is packed with online contract job opportunities and it is growing. Obviously, one of those reasons is that as of this writing, we are pretty much isolated and our workplace has changed drastically. We are never going to go back to the way things were which is why this blog is so relevant and important. There are a few reasons for this. First of all, people simply don’t want to go back to jobs they despise! They are rethinking that cubicle, or that nasty boss, or that toxic environment. Working from home can be pretty great. The second reason is that companies are saving a LOT of money by contracting out and not maintaining big physical offices. Unfortunately, that may also mean that they need fewer workers when they can use the internet to do jobs faster and more efficiently. Bad for physical jobs but great for online ones.

Let’s talk about the positive opportunities that have come from our planetary challenge. The shift has been a big one that is permanent in many ways that is working in our favor. No more long commutes, time away from family and friends, having to be on a strict schedule, gossip in the coffee room and all of that ‘work’ that it takes to prep for getting there and back.  It is going to offer us amazing new ways of earning and working.

But here is the catch. Most people don’t have the skills to transfer their value online. Not everyone wants to work online, but I feel very confident in saying that EVERY business is going to use the internet in some capacity if they are smart and want to maximize their success. So doesn’t it just make sense to get the skills to become a more desirable employee or contractor? Or even better, if you are an entrepreneurial type with big dreams, to finally launch your own business? THAT TAKES A DIGITAL SKILL SET and you are not going to get around that fact. It is time to get the training and accept the fact that our world is digital. This is a massive opportunity that most people are missing.

So, let’s get to that search I did to find out what kind of ‘online contract jobs‘ opportunities there were. It was pretty impressive and here are just a few resources that I found:,,,,,, and on and on. That is pretty exciting, don’t you think? Now let’s talk about those jobs. Needless to say that ALL of them require some knowledge of how to use a computer and how to communicate online. I am not talking about complex knowledge. I mean just using basic platforms that could pay pretty nicely. Can you imagine picking and choosing work assignments doing what you love on your own time in your PJs? I have friends who work online marketing for companies, others as support online, writers for all kinds of websites and blogs, and tech contracts which many not require years of experience. It goes on and on.

You know what is coming next. It takes training to secure these positions because those other contractors that DO have online skills will always get the job. Imagine getting an online position to secure steady income while you get powerful digital training that makes you even more valuable, while you also learn how to launch your own business. And as you learn those skills, you begin to qualify or even more online contracts that you didn’t imagine you could secure! Most of us are ‘one trick ponies’ with limited skills outside of what we have known in our careers. A digital training expands your skills and could open the door to careers you never imagined. For instance, I can actually build out websites and although it is not what I want to do for a living, it is a skill I could use if I ever wanted to make money.

Most students learning digital skills are not thinking of the many ways they become valuable in the marketplace. One of their biggest fears is that they will rely exclusively on their online business for income and petrified that they simply won’t earn enough. Many took on physical jobs while they learned and tried to build their online businesses so that they could eventually quit. You don’t have to drive Uber to get that income to pay your bills. You can work from your home as a contractor, on your own schedule, earning that income to pay the bills. All at the same time, you are working around your contracting and training schedule. Can you imagine actually having fun doing both, because YOU are in control of when you work and when you learn? Plus, imagine NOT being alone and having other students and entrepreneurs all over the world that you get to chat and brainstorm with? Let us not forget that mental support that is so needed right now. Reaching out to others to work through your issues makes you even more valuable. You can have an entire team of experts to help you maximize your value in your contract jobs, giving you the confidence to take on more.

The possibilities are endless! No more stress trying to build an online business, praying it will succeed. Instead, you can relax and learn while your online contract jobs support you on your time. You can work on your digital business on your own schedule, and have that support and team guiding you. Are you getting on board with this? If not, then why not? Our future workplace is here. You can stress out or take that step toward a new way of life and earning. It can empower you and it is really exciting! No more working for 30 years at one company, hoping for that raise. This could be liberating for you and you wouldn’t have to be alone! Come on over and check out the training that liberated me. We aren’t solopreneurs, we are an organized community of experts supporting one another. It is the best of both worlds and may open up one you never imagined. If you haven’t checked out the free training videos that I first signed up for, you can do that here I hope to see you on the other side of the old world and embracing the new!

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