Topic Four: Your Channel Look and Style

By Landria

Dec 09

Only when you are clear should you proceed to this topic and begin setting up your ‘Look” and “Style.” That being said if you struggle at all with this topic and are not sure about the ‘look’ just remember that logos and pictures can always be changed. However, you don’t want to start changing URL’s and brand names once you are established. Do that only if what you currently have is not congruent with your passion and channel purpose and isn’t working well for you. Colors and pictures, and even slogans can always be changed. But if you don’t know what you or your brand represents, you can’t begin to create a congruent look.

This should be a fun part of your channel setup. Do you have an existing channel? Perhaps it is time for a refresh and a new look to reflect any changes you made in the first three topics. This is when you will need to take your time to look at other channels that have a ‘feel’ that you connect to. While you should never ‘copy’ another’s content you certainly can emulate a style. Note that trends are constantly changing on us and that includes styles. When I first started online, we would create lengthy emails and websites with loads of content. Now, cleaner looks at ‘in’ that are simple and ‘to the point.’ So, relax and know that updating your look is acceptable. In fact, it will keep you relevant. To keep an outdated picture or logo would keep you in the dark ages.

If you are artistic then this is certainly a fun part of the channel building for you. If not, then I have a resource that is not only inexpensive, but fast and impactful. In fact, you can use this service for just about anything that you don’t want to mess with yourself and to make sure that you get the right design in the right dimensions. FIVERR is a service that is super cheap and delivers quality logos, animation, copy, photos, web design, you name it! I had Fiverr do my Animated Logo for the start of my YouTube Channel videos.



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