When I recently cleared out my parents home, I found their personal journals and read them. It saddened me, because the message over and over was that they didn’t live the lives they dreamed of. Over the years, the message never changed. In fact, they were more unhappy as the years went by, feeling that it was too late to act on or create new dreams. And eventually it was. Both of them recently and suddenly passed away.

This Fall, I am taking my Father’s ashes to Santa Barbara, California – his favorite place to visit – and releasing them. He should have moved there, walked on the beach, and felt joy every day the way he did during the few times he vacationed there. But, time went by and he never did. My Mother’s journal read the same way. She held onto sad childhood memories and the poor self image they enforced. She spent her life hanging onto those feelings, and never believed in all that she was – a talented artist, fun person, great writer. She never pursued any of them because she was full of fear and doubt.

I realized how many of us continue the same patterns, planning, and envisioning dreams but never really taking action to make them happen. I vowed that my Journal would not be a sad one. Instead, it will be one of adventure, a person who took chances, sometimes failed but used those times to become something better and more successful, and most of all someone who never let fear limit her. I think I’ve done a pretty good job so far. True, I have not totally conquered fear and find myself worrying on occasion, but I don’t allow it to impede or paralyze me. My journal is and will continue to be one that reflects someone without limits, trying new things, exploring, and all of the incredible joy it brings when you accomplish something great and dared to be different.

What will your Journal say about you? You can change anything in your life. I invite you to go, do, explore, dare to be different, dare to be great. The Universe is waiting and holds everything you could ever wish for. Don’t let your past sad story or your fears of the future stop you from being all of the wonderful things you can be! You are an unlimited creator! I wish you incredible journals and a life of great joy and abundance! Landria

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