Do you want that freedom of an online business like I have? Don’t try to do it alone. The best and most successful online entrepreneurs are always learning and getting trained. An online education is critical to success because the competition is getting stiff and any entrepreneur needs mentors. If you are an internet marketer, you know this, but you also know that the online space is still wide open for millions of new marketers and unmatched opportunities. To achieve your success goals, it will take training from real professionals who know how it’s done. Besides, who wants to figure this online stuff alone? While a laptop lifestyle is amazing, interacting with others, having mentors and support is critical. You have to be on top of new trends and the changes that could affect your online business. Most people just ‘wing it’ which is why so many fail. An online business is like any other. You have to know what you’re doing and only proper training can get you there.

I have attached an article about SEO which doesn’t even scratch the surface of what you need to know to be successful online. Think about investing in yourself in an online education and in your business. Imagine having a platform that keeps you up on how to be successful and teaches you all the important stuff and beyond. How great would it be to have an entire community to support you, a staff answering your questions and guiding you? This is a new world of opportunities. Don’t wait to grab hold of them and create that amazing life you desire! And if you want to find out how an online education works and how even beginners can create online success, CLICK HERE for a free workshop.


Things are always on the move in the SEO world. Google regularly updates its algorithm and the competition is never far behind. So if you’re not sure about the latest best-practices, wouldn’t it be nice to have a list of timeless SEO improvements to focus on? We thought it might be! Arm yourself with these timeless SEO tactics and you’ll never go wrong.

1. Stay on the light side

If you’re desperate for quick results, you may be tempted to use blackhat SEO tactics. Well, don’t! Never, ever buy links, try to trick search engines or visitors with redirects or spam links on other sites. It may work for a short while, but search engines actively discourage this kind of thing, so it always backfires in the end and harms your rankings. You don’t want those tricks or bought links coming back to haunt you, do you?

Here at Yoast, we advocate Holistic SEO, which means you need to be the best result! Give your visitors high-quality content, a great user experience and a secure, technically superior website. It may take more time and effort, but it’s much more sustainable in the long run. Let’s take link building as an example: approached holistically, you produce quality content that people actually want to share. You can then reach out to relevant websites to see if they’ll consider linking to you. The links you’ll get this way will be much more valuable than any link you can buy. So go the extra mile and stay on the light side of SEO. Your website will benefit in the long run.

2. Optimize your site speed

In SEO, faster is better. We’re pretty confident that this will always be the case, as people expect to get content served to them quickly. Nobody likes waiting, even for a split second, so it always pays to invest time in improving your site’s speed.

There are several ways to speed up your WordPress site. We can’t cover them all in this article, but a good start is to install a caching plugin. This keeps static parts of your site saved on your server, and serves users these lighter HTML pages instead of processing the relatively resource-intensive WordPress PHP scripts. There are both free and paid caching plugins available and they can significantly speed up your site.

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Images are another factor that’s often overlooked as people build their website. Big, high definition images will take a long time to load, while most of the time, a lower resolution image will do just fine. Always take the time to resize your images using an image optimization plugin.

And a final speed optimization tip: if your visitors come from all over the world, it may be worthwhile to use a CDN (or Content Delivery Network). It’ll direct visitors to the servers closest to their location, thereby greatly improving loading times.



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