Why do people like Bill Gates have billions and others struggle constantly? I have recently run into some people who speak limitations, convince themselves that everything is a scam, look for the negative in everything, and basically haven’t achieve much in their lives that would make them truly happy. I don’t believe that there are ANY limitations or ANY mistakes. Everything we do whether the result is what we want or not, is a POSITIVE result. Why? It takes inventors hundreds and thousands of tries to get their perfect result. Without those failed results, their goal would never have been met. But the majority of the human race tries a couple of times and quits. They don’t understand what a real entrepreneur does or how he/she thinks to be successful. What is success? Whatever YOU want to achieve! Are you there yet? If not, why not? Entrepreneurs don’t quit until they get the results they want! Want a boost? Here is a video I made where I share my thoughts on what is happening in 2016 and how YOU CAN BENEFIT!

If you find yourself making excuses, telling yourself ‘this won’t work’ whenever things don’t go your way, or just wanting to throw in the towel when life is challenging, then think again. Challenges are why we came here. Sorry to tell you that they will NEVER go away. Embrace them. The people living their dreams are the ones that accept them, learn from them, and use them to get to their end result – Wealth, happiness, positive relationships, abundance that flows to them like gangbusters. Your focus on what WILL happen, being thankful for the failures (I don’t like that word so let’s say ‘challenges’) that teach you what doesn’t work, and plowing forward to achieve your goals will bring abundance beyond your dreams. Don’t believe me? Look up what scientists are discovering about Quantum Physics! It’s true that your thoughts create reality.

Stop making excuses, finding the faults and problems and start thinking like an entrepreneur. How do you know if you’re an entrepreneur? This blog will excite and inspire you while others won’t want to hear it. If you don’t like the idea of accepting challenges, then a 9 to 5 job may be for you and that’s O.K. What’s important is that you are happy and going after your dreams. Never stop, get your mind off of the negative, and know that you are limitless!

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