Why Law of Attraction Doesn’t Work

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Jun 14

Why do we struggle with ‘law of attraction?’ Don’t freak out when I say this, but “I don’t believe in law of attraction.” I don’t believe that there is something ‘out there’ that you need to attract. I believe, according to quantum mechanics and thousands of experiments that prove this, that everything you ever desired and every probability exists HERE and NOW.
In other words, you don’t need to ‘attract’ it. You simply need to focus on that probability, believe, know and allow it to appear (through your focus it will collapse from a wave to a condensed particle). Doesn’t that seem much nicer? To believe you need to ‘attract’ something sends a message of lack. It states “I don’t have it and it is out there! I need to ATTRACT it and bring it to me.” You don’t need to bring it to you, you need to resonate on that frequency which means you must believe and know it is done! This is why so many struggle with Law of Attraction! They believe it is a method to attract when they are already abundant in every way. See it, feel it, know it, and watch it materialize in your reality!


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Landria Onkka, is the Award winning and best selling author of "The Rooftop Christmas Tree," a 2016 television movie, the award winning sequel "A Bell for Christmas" and "Wooden Mistletoe." A former investment banker, she now lives her ideal life as a successful Internet Entrepreneur, Internet Influencer, professional writer and spiritual mentor assisting others in moving past fear to go after and live their dreams.

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